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Episode 01: 4-Day work week

Does the concept of achieving financial security and social mobility through effort still hold true? Check out our podcast where Joan CTO Luka Birsa and behavioral scientist Dr. Dale Whelehan talk about this, and more!

Episode 02: How AI affects the way we work

The world of work is constantly evolving, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this change. In this episode, Luka Birsa and Matic Užmah explore how AI is transforming the way we work.

Episode 03: How to get to 40mio$ in ARR and stay sane?

In episode 3 of The Future of Work Podcast, Joan co-founder and CTO Luka Birsa, and David Darmanin, Founder of Hotjar, explore how a persons well being effects they way we work and how fast we move.


Training video – Joan All-in-One Workplace Management

Manage desks, rooms, visitors, and more with one integrated platform, boosting efficiency and simplifying your workday.

Training video – Joan Desk & Asset Management

With the Joan Desk & Asset Management system you can book desks, find colleagues, and manage other workplace resources.

Training video – Joan Visitor Management

With the Joan Visitor Manamgenet System you can automate check-in, create a seamless visitor experience, and potentially enhance security.

Training video – Joan Room Booking

With the Joan Room Booking you can reserve meeting spaces, avoid double-bookings, and ensure everyone has the space they need..

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Joan 6 RE

The most popular device for reserving and managing conference rooms. It prevents double bookings, confusion, and meeting interruptions. Installed in a few minutes, gets updated in real-time, completely hassle-free.


Joan 6 Pro

The next-generation, enterprise-level meeting room booking device is perfect for a large number of meeting rooms. It could be mounted with a Smart magnet, which attaches to any surface and acts as a meeting room tag.


Joan 13

The elegant design of our 13-inch model fits into any office. Although ideal for finding and scheduling, the device can also be applied in areas such as hospitality, wayfinding, or transportation.


Joan 6 Pro PoE

The alternative mounting option of Joan 6 Pro is with a Power over Ethernet dock with constant charging and maximum safety.


Joan All-in-One Workplace Management

The All-in-One workplace solution for efficient management and collaboration in workplaces.


Joan Visitor Management System

The Visitor Management system for enhancing office operations and visitor experience.


Joan Desk and Asset Booking

The system to seamlessly book desks and other company assets for an organized, efficient workplace.

Joan pitch-to-your-boss leaflet

Pitch Joan to your C-level

This leaflet provides a clear and compelling case for Joan to your C-level decision-makers.

Workplace glossary

Read all workplace terms and definitions you need to know.


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