Your data security is our priority.

Our clients deserve data security that meets and exceeds all industry-standard security practices and guidelines.

To achieve that Joan devices store as little data as possible. They don’t store any sensitive information, thus preventing catastrophic data security breaches.

It’s one of the reasons why Joan is one of the safest workplace management systems.

Discover other proactive measures below.

Built with security in mind

Based on thin client

Joan devices store almost no data. Everything they display comes from our servers. If a device goes missing, simply deauthorize it to prevent any data leaks.

Calendar data stays on
your servers

Joan’s server only stores the email of the room's resource and its access credentials. It never permanently stores any of your calendar information. It caches it in case the calendar service goes offline and later deletes it.

Blocks unsafe

Joan is an enterprise-grade device with hardware keys that prevent installation or execution of any unsafe or unwanted software or apps.

Enterprise-grade security
out of the box

Joan supports the highest enterprise security requirements. WPA2-EAP support, encrypted communication between the device and servers, and SSO take care of most security issues.

Our data security standards

GDPR compliance

Our data servers are located in Belgium and hosted by Google. Having data centres in Europe helps us keep our customers’ data compliant with the latest safety requirements.

US-EU Privacy Shield Invalidation

All our Subprocessors, including non-EU based ones, have adopted measures and processes conforming to GDPR standards of privacy protection and are under contractual obligation to maintain strict compliance with the GDPR rules and good practices.


All payments processed in Europe follow the latest electronic payment services regulations. With two-factor authentication and third party access requirements, your online purchases are fully protected.

Principle of least privilege

We only collect the minimum information necessary to provide our service. Our professionally trained team can only access data they absolutely need to perform their job.

Microsoft Active Directory

This integration enables centralized domain management and automatic synchronization of users between Microsoft Active Directory and Joan.

This is just a small part of our Security Policy. We’re always happy to provide more details if you’d like to get more information. For any questions or feedback please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].