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Effortlessly keep control over who and when visits your office while improving their overall experience.

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How does Joan Visitor work?

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Deep dive with
Joan Chief Product Officer

“We understand most companies decide for a visitor management system because of security and compliance requirements. This is why we have put a ton of effort into making this as simple as possible for you to setup and use. As well as for your visitors.”

Grega Pušnik, CPO at Joan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Joan Visitor Management run on a tablet?

The Joan Visitor Management can be installed on any tablet or iPad, giving you the flexibility to offer ad-hoc check-ins at the reception.

Can visitors check-in before arriving?

Visitors can speed up their registration process by using the pre-check-in option and completing all necessary fields, documentation, or questionnaires before arrival.

Is there a visitor check-out option?

Yes there is! Visitors can self-checkout when they leave the premises. Joan Visitor Management stores records of their visit in a secure, reliable way, fulfilling security compliance requirements.

Can I add my company branding to the Joan Visitor Management UI?

You can add your company logo to all Joan devices and services to boost your brand visibility.

Can Joan Visitor Management generate and send credentials to the visitor?

Joan enables a fully automated visitor registration process. This includes generating and sending customized visitor credential codes, PIN numbers, access to Wi-Fi networks, and other unique identifiers.

Can I create custom settings for each company building?

Yes, you can customize the check-in process for each reception desk, or building.

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