Why Joan Workplace as your all-in-one workplace management system?

As you see, having a holistic workplace management system can be a game-changer. But what makes a joan workplace the best option for your organization?

  • Seamless integration: Joan Workplace seamlessly integrates into your existing processes. There’s no need for changes in your workflow. Unlike many workplace management software solutions, Joan effortlessly becomes a part of your daily operations, making it easier for you to manage your workspace.
  • Simple to use: With Joan Workplace, there’s no steep learning curve for users. Its intuitive workplace management software solutions mean that your team can start reaping the benefits from day one. Instead of lengthy training sessions, you get instant productivity.
  • Compatibility with your tech stack: You can easily connect Joan Workplace with the tools you’re already using by taking advantage of its pre-built integrations. It’s a fast and secure process without extensive IT costs.

Joan Workplace enhances efficiency, boosts productivity, and elevates the overall workplace experience in any hybrid work setting. With it, you’re not just implementing an all-in-one workplace management system; you’re taking your workplace to the next level.

Joan 6 meeting room

Joan Room Booking: Manage your meeting rooms and huddle spaces

Efficient space management is crucial in hybrid workplaces. That’s why we made sure that reserving and managing meeting spaces has never been as simple as with Joan Room Booking. You can do it from your calendar, the app, or the user-friendly Joan displays.

Here’s how Joan Room Booking simplifies your workspace:

Easily book meeting spaces

Forget the hassle of searching for an available meeting room. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a last-minute reservation, Joan keeps you updated in real-time:

  • Explore a range of available meeting rooms, complete with details about their amenities and capacities.
  • Simply pick your preferred date and time through your calendar, the Joan app, or a Joan device.
  • Your confirmed meeting and room reservation will seamlessly sync with your company calendar.
  • Feature meeting room information on our eco-friendly Joan e-paper displays or your own tablet.

Efficient meeting space usage and improved ROI

Without a robust meeting room management system, you’re left in the dark regarding your meeting space utilization. Joan Room Booking changes the game by:

  • Eliminating the headache of double bookings and meeting interruptions through clear space status updates.
  • Ensuring unattended meetings are a thing of the past by releasing spaces when no one checks in.
  • Providing comprehensive analytics on room usage and your meeting culture, empowering you to optimize your overall meeting room utilization.

In a world where efficient space management is essential, Joan Room Booking takes the guesswork out of securing meeting spaces and ensures that every inch of your workspace is utilized effectively.

Joan 6 huddle spaces

Joan Desk and Asset Booking: Confidently work from the office

Many companies have embraced the hybrid work model. However, there’s some uncertainty connected with it – especially if you don’t have dedicated desks or equipment in the office.

Joan Desk and Asset Booking has your back, ensuring that you have everything you need and that every day you spend in the office is as efficient as possible

Make every day at the office a productive one

With Joan Desk and Asset Booking, you can:

  • Secure your favorite desk and parking spot, whether you need a one-time reservation or a recurring slot.
  • Choose your office day, selecting from available desks and time slots or customizing your reservation.
  • Book the equipment you need and explore departmental and desk amenities.

But that’s not all – Joan Desk and Asset Booking fosters collaboration by providing valuable insights, including:

  • Daily office attendance, allowing you to plan your day effectively.
  • Access to your coworkers’ seating arrangements, so you can strategically book a desk for maximum collaboration.

With Joan Desk and Asset Booking, it’s easy to make every day at the office count.

Joan Visitor management: Elevate your visitors’ experience

First impressions matter, especially in the world of business. When a guest walks into your office, their initial experience can shape their perception of your organization. So why not impress them with a streamlined visitor management solution that also enhances your workplace’s security measures?

Self-registration option for your visitors

Give your visitors the freedom to effortlessly self-register as soon as they step into your office premises. The Joan Visitor Management solution is designed to:

  • Elevate the visitor management experience by enabling smooth, contactless check-in and check-out processes.
  • Eliminate any confusion by offering convenient, on-site registration for those spontaneous, ad-hoc visits.
  • Provide all the necessary credentials required for a seamless visit, including Wi-Fi access, PIN codes, and more.
  • Enhance your professional relationships with optional visitor badge printing, ensuring a more convenient experience.

Streamlined visitor planning and improved workplace experience

Say goodbye to the days of manually emailing instructions to visitors, frantically searching for available desks at the last moment, or remaining oblivious to your guests’ arrivals.

With Joan’s visitor management solution, you can:

  • Effortlessly schedule one-time or recurring meetings, whether it’s for a single visitor or multiple guests at the same time.
  • Elevate the guest experience by reserving meeting rooms and workstations in advance on their behalf.
  • Automatically register your guests’ visits the moment a meeting is booked, eliminating any manual data entry.
  • Get notified as soon as your guests arrive with instant alerts via Slack, email, SMS, or the mobile app.
  • Joan Visitor management combines efficiency and professionalism. With it, your workplace becomes more welcoming, organized, and impressive from its very entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses workplace management software?

The primary users of workplace management software include:

  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals: They rely on these tools to manage employee schedules, track attendance and oversee performance evaluations.
  • Managers and Supervisors: They use it to create and adjust work schedules, track employee performance, and ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies.
  • Employees: They may use it to view their work schedules, assign desks and other assets for office attendance, and participate in performance evaluations.
  • Operations Teams: They use it to coordinate staffing levels, assign tasks, and monitor productivity, especially in industries with shift-based work.
  • Finance and Accounting Professionals: They use it to accurately process payroll, track labor costs, and manage budgeting related to workforce expenses.
  • Executives and Business Owners: They use the insights provided to make informed decisions about resource allocation, staffing levels, and operational efficiency.

Joan’s comprehensive workplace management software caters to a diverse range of users, empowering HR professionals, managers, employees, operations teams, and financial experts with intuitive tools to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive strategic decision-making within the organization.

Why do businesses need a holistic workplace management system?

The answer lies in the challenges of today’s complex work landscape. With flexible work arrangements and a dynamic gig economy, workplaces have become harder to manage. Employees seek autonomy and convenience, while organizations aim to maximize resources.

An all-in-one workplace management system addresses these challenges head-on by offering a range of benefits and simplifying workplace processes. It not only optimizes space utilization, ensuring that every square foot of an office is put to good use, but also empowers employees with tools to reserve desks, book meeting rooms, and always have the equipment they need for their work.

Additionally, workplace management software solutions enhance data-driven decision-making by providing valuable insights into workspace usage patterns.

In essence, a hybrid workplace management system helps you navigate modern work dynamics and creates a more connected workplace ecosystem that benefits the business as well as the employees.