Wireless room display

In many industries, the term “wireless room display” is a bit of a misconception. In today’s society, wireless can mean one of two things:

  • The meeting room display connects to the internet over WiFi or cellular data
  • The display doesn’t require regular cables or wiring

Some LED/LCD manufacturers claim to sell wireless room displays. However, these displays are about as wireless as your smartphone. Now you’re thinking, “my smartphone is pretty wireless.” But, is your smartphone capable of running for 24 hours a day with its screen actively refreshing 120Hz (cycles per second) without being recharged?

To date, LED and LCDs aren’t capable of running more than 3-10 hours on a single charge. Therefore, for a display to be truly wireless, it needs to be capable of performing its job without cabling and wiring. This caveat is why e-paper displays are the only displays that can be truly wireless for long periods of time. Any in-office LED or LCD screen that runs for 8+ hours a day needs to be connected to a power source.

Joan has three e-paper solutions that are perfect for the workplace. E-ink devices are the most power-efficient displays on the market. Each Joan display runs months to a year on a single charge, making them wireless for all but a few hours each year. Without cables or cords to worry about, the meeting room displays can be mounted on virtually any surface.

Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro have touchscreens, enabling users to book a room or check its availability on the spot. By syncing wirelessly with the in-house calendar, Joan screens show a room’s availability in real-time, enhancing the workplace experience.