Workplace experience

The workplace experience is how people, technology, and the space itself affect who enters the office. To influence the workplace experience, companies take a holistic approach to make the workplace somewhere employees don’t only work well, but also someplace they want to be each week.

With the recent upsurge of hybrid workplaces, companies are finding it more difficult to make employees want to work in the office. In fact, as many as one in three employees say they would quit their jobs rather than return to the office. It’s time to rethink the workplace experience, if companies have any hope of successfully bringing employees back into the office in some capacity.

One thing employees value in their work-from-home experiences is customizability. With the freedom of working wherever they want, employees are no longer used to being restricted. At home, they can work from their couch in the morning and at their desk for afternoon meetings — whatever helps them feel comfortable and focused during work hours.

What they crave is flexibility. They want to be able to move around the office and work wherever inspires them. The biggest issue with flexibility is making sure employees don’t step on each other’s toes. For example, Julie needs to be able to check when Andrew has signed out the video camera so she can plan her day accordingly. Otherwise, she could spend minutes on end searching for the device having no idea it’s with Andrew.

Without the right systems in place, a flexible workplace can be chaotic. An office management system is the best way to smooth out the office experience and help employees enjoy their time on site. The Joan office management system has the power to oversee all company resources and assets from meeting rooms to parking stalls. Our solution covers the office experience from the front desk to quiet rooms.

Find out how Joan manages meeting rooms, office desks, shared spaces, and company assets by checking out our Joan solutions. With the intuitive and simple UI, you can make all of your shared resources bookable directly from the Joan app.