Joan 13

This meeting room display is ideal for managing a large number of conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies and any other area where an overview is needed. Get up-to-date information for up to 9 rooms at a single glance. This is a non-touch solution.

  • screen size_24px
    13-inch (16:9)
  • Multiple-room overview_24px
    Multiple-room overview
  • battery life on a single charge_24px
    Up to 1-year battery life on a single charge
  • psychiatry
    1 device = 1 planted tree

899.00 Excluding tax

Joan devices work on a subscription base. See Pricing.
Free express shipping.
money_back30-day money back guarantee.
Free 30-day subscription testing.
Includes standard 1-year warranty.

#1 workplace software.

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Simple to use, powerful, sustainable


Simple installation

Attach your Joan 13 anywhere without drilling, wires, and cables. Find its place and get a comprehensive overview of meetings for up to 9 rooms in no time!


Low power consumption

Your Joan 13 is battery-powered and uses virtually no electricity. In fact, it can run for up to 12 months on a single charge.


Smooth integration

Start using it right away, as it syncs with your existing calendars and apps you already use through Wi-Fi.


Sustainable production

From low-impact materials to almost zero carbon footprint to planting a tree for every Joan device you buy — we really care about the environment.

  • The implementation of Joan is the easiest digital signage I’ve ever implemented.
  • I love the idea of Joan. It’s something different, more professional, sharper looking. It is easy to install, plus people don’t want to walk up to another LCD.
  • We are happy with our Joan. I don’t know if it saves us time, but it definitely saves us the embarrassment of double booking our conference room.
  • No longer can people acquire a meeting room as a result of opportunism, and no longer can people play ignorant.
  • We did have iPads for conference room booking before but they bulged and became a fire hazard.
  • Once I looked at your onboarding packet it was pretty straightforward.
  • They certainly look good with the color (or monochrome) scheme that we have gone within the new area.
  • Yes, we love both our Joans. It’s completely changed how we manage our meeting rooms and I would say we would not be able to manage things effectively without them.
  • Joan is an excellent solution for any company that’s looking for transparent and effective assistance in organizing meetings.
  • Joan changed our meeting room planning by not changing it.
joan 13 - 9 screens

Top feature

Always know what’s going on in the various meeting rooms

Display current meeting room availability and up to 6 upcoming meetings, including meeting topic and organizer — for up to 9 rooms on a single screen.

Create a frictionless workplace experience

Manage all your Joan displays from one web portal and provide a pleasant working environment.

Set your settings

Choose your language, enter working hours, customize buttons, and name rooms.

Collect workplace data

Analyze peak hours, popular meeting rooms, most active users, and other relevant insights to make the most of your workdays.

Customize to your needs

Select the meetings overview that works better for you, integrate and enable custom content and deliver specific information.

Get to know Joan 13

The world is changing and so do workplaces. Respond to the new reality with the best possible solution.

Integrates with your calendars

Google Workspace, Exchange, Office 365, iCalendar.

Advanced E Ink® electronic paper

Full capacitive non-touch screen interface.

Ultra low energy architecture

Only 1% of power used by the screen.

Easily attachable to any surface without cables.

Securely connects to your WiFi network

High visibility and contrast

Uses an anti glare hard-coated front-surface.

High performance rechargeable battery

Up to 1 year of battery autonomy on a single charge.

In the box

  • All required hardware with proprietary operating system, unlimited updates, upgrades and free lifetime support are included, as well as a one-year Limited Warranty.
  • The box includes:
    • 13.3-inch wireless Joan device
    • 1 × Magnetic Mount for easy installation
    • 1 x Micro USB cable for configuration and charging
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Access to the Joan Web Portal


  • 13.3-inch (4:3 diagonal) non-touch E Ink® Carta electronic paper screen
  • High visibility and contrast
  • 180° viewing angle
  • Resolution: 1600 × 1200 pixels
  • Active Area (H/W): 10.64 × 7.98 in (270.4 × 202.8 mm)
  • Pixel Pitch (H/W): 0.006 × 0.006 in (0.169 × 0.169 mm); equivalent to 150 ppi
  • Pixel Configuration: Rectangle
  • 16 level grayscale
  • Refresh rate: 750 ms (4 bit full screen) / 100 ms (1 bit partial)


  • 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n) standard, WPA2-PSK, WPA3 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise support
  • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 5 support


  • Patented ultra low energy architecture, only 1% of the power used by LCD.
  • High performance rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 10,000 mAh battery. Up to 12 months of autonomy on a single battery charge. 10 hours charging time with a Micro-USB charger (output rating of 5 V, 1 A).
  • Enclosed Micro-USB charging cable
  • Cordless functionality
  • POE compatible

Calendar compatibility

  • Google Workspace (former G Suite)
    • OAuth2 authentication
  • Office 365 (Exchange Online)
    • OAuth2 authentication (Global Admin)
    • Basic authentication (Delegated User)
  • Microsoft Exchange (Outlook)
    • NTLM proprietary authentication protocol
    • Basic authentication
  • iCalendar (.ics)


  • High quality anodized aluminum casing
  • Anti-reflective, high transmissive glass
  • Color: Gray, Black

Dimensions & weight

  • Joan device dimensions: 11.40 × 9.05 × 0.39 in (297 × 230 × 10.5 mm)
  • Weight of Joan with back magnet: 33.5 oz (950 g)
  • Product package dimensions: 13.78 × 9.25 × 0.59 in (350 × 235 × 15 mm)
  • Shipping package dimensions: 15.91 × 11.22 × 3.35 in (404 × 285 × 85 mm)
  • Box total weight (Joan device, Micro-USB cable, product package, shipping package): 65.26 oz (1850 g)


  • Attachable to any surface with a self-adhesive Magnetic Mount that requires no tools (one included with each device, Additional Magnetic Mount 1-Packs available for purchase).
  • 3.94 × 3.94 in (100 × 100 mm) VESA mount compliant.
  • Device can be mounted at a maximum height of 2 meters.

Environmental conditions

  • Operational and storage temperature range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to +50°C)


  • 1 year

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