Seven ways to use Joan as a digital signage solution

Creating a work environment where everyone has the access to key company information at all times clearly and concisely, enhances the workplace experience for both employees and visitors.

With Joan solutions, you can easily and effectively deliver corporate information and wayfinding details among others. In a hybrid workplace, that means everyone is up to date with the current company news and other important information.

Here are seven ways your company can use Joan as a digital signage device and we are sure you will find even more to use within your business.


Office wayfinding

Display a directory of offices and facilities so your employees and visitors get to the right place at the right time. Simply place Joan wireless devices or any of your existing tablets anywhere within the business premises and save visitors the feeling of walking through a maze.


Seating arrangements

Even if we’ve removed the walls and left the cubicle arrangement in the 2000s, an open space still requires some organization. Each employee needs to know where they can claim their space so they can work without interruptions. By displaying the seating arrangement on Joan, one can easily spot the company’s departments whether it’s an open space or any other form of office.


Introducing new team members

Onboarding a new employee is more than just filling up an open job position, it’s inviting a new team member to get to know the workings of the company and the rest of the team. With conference room digital signage, the management can create a custom profile of the new employee so they can integrate into an existing workplace faster and get a real sense of the inclusivity and company culture.

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Mission and Values

One of the ways companies can additionally create impact and reinforce company culture is by using Joan to display companies’ mission and values at all times. Think of it as a way to substitute inspiring quotes on the walls with signage that blends in the architecture of the space and serves as a constant reminder of what your business stands for.


Health and Safety protocols

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s that safety should always come first. What Joan offers here is a no-contact employee health screening. Now everyone entering your business premises can be greeted with a health questionnaire on a wireless display letting them know that health and safety are of high importance to the company.

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Productivity metrics

Measuring productivity is a vital step toward improving company performance. Because a company consists of several departments, the progress of each one must be measured and discussed weekly. With Joan, each department can customize its content and show everyone the daily or weekly results and productivity measures on a wireless display. That way everyone stays in the loop and with some employee feedback management can easily see where there is room for improvement.

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Company news

Sometimes company news like receiving a certificate for using sustainable workplace technology can pass employees by. Not anymore. With Joan devices – which are in themselves sustainable as they use 99% less energy than an LCD screen – everyone gets the memo. Simply mounting it without any drilling, it can be transferred from one wall to another in no time. Management can install it where employees engage most frequently so they never miss the news that Becky’s work anniversary is coming up on Friday or that Larry is an employee of the month. A perfect opportunity to learn the company news and celebrate employee milestones through a simple customization feature on the Joan platform.

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