Extend Joan’s functionality. Build on top of our solution.


Beyond Joan

Enrich Joan’s out-of-the-box features by developing custom apps and integrations. Forge your perfect workplace with Joan’s API.

Custom integrations

Do you have a specific use case? Extend Joan’s ecosystem by adding integrations at no cost.


Build new apps by adding Joan’s functionalities to your existing workplace solutions.


Create end-to-end workplace automation including Joan solutions.

Send data to your preferred data platform

Simply add data to your ETL pipeline, store it in your cloud or build advanced models for predicting workspace utilization.


Connect Joan with your tech stack

Improve user experience by integrating Joan with your company’s calendar, communication tools, and other software.



Joan API is simple to use

With the help of our stellar documentation, you’ll be running custom integrations and building apps in no time.

Fire up Joan’s API!

Get access to Joan’s API documentation.

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