Meeting room display

A meeting room display is a digital screen that is mounted outside of a meeting room. Typically, the display shows the room’s schedule. Most meeting room displays can be customized to show a company’s brand elements such as logos, slogans, and more. The benefit of this display is that it updates in real-time over the Internet, staying up-to-date on any changes to room bookings including canceled meetings, no-shows, new meetings, and extended meetings.

These displays are designed to compliment meeting room schedulers by mitigating room squatters and overrun meetings. By displaying each meeting room’s schedule outside of the room, squatters have a clear understanding of when they need to vacate a room in time for the next meeting to take place. The best meeting room devices enable employees to book a meeting room directly from the wireless scheduler, helping ad-hoc meetings find and reserve meeting rooms on the spot.

While most digital meeting room displays sync wirelessly over WiFi, they still require a power source. Installation can be messy, involving drilling and wiring. However, Joan 6 Pro and Joan 6 are one of the only truly wireless room displays on the market. The low-energy devices can run up to one year on a single charge and can be mounted on any surface, with no cabling required. These Joan devices allow employees to book a room directly from the touchscreen and update the company’s calendar in real-time.

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