How to create a hybrid workplace that truly works

Hybrid work has found its way into various companies, all trying to make it fit within their workflow. While some appreciate that employees can choose the way they work, others would rather leave that choice to the managers. To avoid playing a game of Tetris with everyone’s schedule, companies must be equipped with tools that bring clarity and organization into agile workspaces and are easily adaptable to any form of hybrid work.

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Integrate Joan as a win-win solution

Joan is more than just a meeting room scheduler. It is a solution that allows employees to use their time efficiently as it can be integrated with all their productivity and scheduling tools. It allows the company to make the best use of its offices and improve the employee experience.

Even more, Joan makes it easy for everyone to see the state of occupancy or vacancy of the available spaces and assets wherever and whenever by simply using the Joan solutions on their desktop or within an app. Now employees can spend time commuting to the office only when necessary knowing that once they get there a distraction-free yet collaborative setting awaits them.

Flexibility is the core of growth so integrating solutions like Joan, which helps navigate the company within this new work model, is key to making a hybrid workplace work for all.

There are many ways Joan can help

Room scheduling

Turn empty spaces into bookable meeting rooms for the hybrid workforce.

Desk booking

Leave it to employees to book a designated space that meets all their needs from wherever they are.

Asset reservation

Whichever resource is needed, be it a parking space, a company vehicle, or a 3d printer, Asset booking allows employees to book whatever they need on time.

Visitor management

Maintain a safe environment by monitoring health status and tracking visits in a digital visitor log.

Digital signage

Bring the clarity from the virtual into the real world. Display office wayfinding and create an easily navigated workspace for all.


Manage the office capacity based on the data obtained and adjust it as needed for maximum efficiency.

Reshape the office for the future of work

Just because you transitioned to a hybrid work model, doesn’t mean you have to relocate or renovate the offices. With Joan, you can now reshape the office into agile spaces needed for a fast-paced environment. The conference room that was used strictly for presentations to clients? With an easy-to-install meeting room scheduler, it now becomes a brainstorming hub open for booking. Simply put wherever works best, Joan helps you meet the needs of your employees and your business.

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The importance of using Joan devices is not only the great system it represents, but also following us in that growth level, enabling us to grow fast.

Alain Brossé, CEO of Welkin and Meraki

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Set everyone up for success

For most people, it’s not just about what they’re working on, but about the environment they’re working in. Create a workplace that fully supports their needs so they can focus on the work that matters.

Searching for a parking space, for instance, is a waste of time that can easily be avoided. With Asset booking, allow employees to book a parking space before their arrival and use the time saved more productively. Either alone at the desk with all the equipment secured through Desk booking or at a meeting with the team in a room reserved through Room booking.

Joan turns a hybrid workplace into an environment that suits everyone. A tool made for collaborative teams, it enhances the employee experience and makes work a joy.

Make managing your hybrid workplace a breeze

Implement Joan solutions that help reach company goals and meet the needs of your employees.