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Display company information, wayfinding details, seating arrangement, and any other custom content on Joan devices and existing displays.

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High visibility

Bring clarity to complex environments

Improve company information flow with our custom content solution perfect for lobbies, shared spaces, and large meeting rooms.


Navigate premises

Show wayfinding information for large buildings and display sitting arrangements for open-space offices.



Show meeting room schedules or seating arrangements on an LCD display.


Increase safety

Display essential information to keep everyone safe – whether it’s instructions for entering a manufacturing area or working in a shared space.

There are several companies doing ePaper displays, but what I think sets these folks apart is software platforms behind the displays, and a really great eye for layout and font choices. They know how to make black and white look great.

Dave Haynes, Founder & Editor at Sixteen:Nine

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Put your existing AV equipment to work by displaying custom content on your screens.


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