Bring clarity to your workplace

Help people easily find the spot they’re looking for. Display company information, wayfinding details, seating arrangement, and other custom content on Joan devices or on your existing displays.

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High visibility

Improve the company information flow

Provide your visitors and employees with all the information they need to feel welcome and safe at your premises. Display office wayfinding and other information in lobbies, common areas and large meeting rooms.


Always book or find the right room

Display meeting room information on Joan devices or LCD screens you already have and always see where someone is sitting, which meeting room is free, which is occupied, which meeting is in progress, and when the room you want is available for booking.

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Communicate at every step

Powerful digital information signage lets you display any information on Joan devices or your existing displays. From directions, seating arrangements, business results, organisational charts to safety information and more.


Increase safety

Display essential information to keep everyone safe – whether it’s instructions for entering a manufacturing area or working in a shared space.

Without Joan, we would need to employ someone to manage meeting rooms and help with wayfinding. Joan allows us to reduce costs, personnel costs, for instance, a receptionist.

Femke Veen, community manager at The Hague Tech

Best devices for your digital signage

Leverage your LCD screens

Put your existing AV equipment to work by displaying custom content on your screens.


Improve your workplace experience with a simple solution

Welcome your visitors with the right messages, help them find their way around and create an effective employee experience. Try digital signage for conference rooms now.