Collaborate, focus on your work, and re-charge all in the same workplace

In today’s hybrid workplaces people perform activity-based work whether it’s a series of meetings, focused work or brainstorming sessions. To be productive at what they do, they must be offered a diversity of spaces that fit their needs and make them feel comfortable at all times.


But sometimes, more options lead to more confusion and with no proper management system, a bad vibe can spread within the workplace in no time. To avoid that from happening, implement Joan system and bring order into chaos.

There are several types of spaces designed for activity-based work, and just as many ways Joan can help you upgrade them to fit the needs of the hybrid workforce.

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Spaces designed with collaboration in mind

An agile work environment calls for solutions like Joan that bring a higher level of organization and boost collaboration in spaces designed for teamwork.

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Conference rooms – say goodbye to interruptions

The thought of other team members entering the conference room in the middle of your meeting and messing up your flow is one you don’t want to materialize. Joan Room booking solution makes scheduling a meeting easier, lets everyone know that the conference room is booked for a specific time, and shows other available slots.

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Meeting rooms – empty spaces transformed and fully booked

Is there a space in your office that you just don’t know what to do with it? Let Joan help you transform it into a useful meeting room by simply installing the Joan 6 Pro device on the wall with no drilling or wiring. With just a few easy steps, your employees get the solution available to them anytime, from anywhere, and you get the maximum usage of your spaces.

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Huddle spaces – create small rooms for big ideas

You’ll often notice that the teams get together to discuss specific issues in a completely informal setting like the makeshift living room you designed in the lobby, in the hallways, or over lunch. But these are not places where they can focus and collaborate without interruptions, so why not create huddle spaces with the help of Joan 6 and transform that empty corner office into a collaborative space perfect for a small team brainstorming session?

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Spaces that boost concentration

Your offices are probably buzzing with work, which can distract those who need some peace. Therefore, it’s essential to carve out quiet nooks and pods within a flexible workspace for employees to complete the work without interruptions.

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Office pods – introduce a quiet space ready for booking

An office within an office, these pods offer the employees privacy and the space to focus while still being a part of the office happening. Thinking of adding a pod to your office layout but don’t know how to make the best use of it? Simply place the Joan device on the pod’s outer wall for instant booking and gain more organization and insight into the availability of the newly added space.

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Phone booths – ensure discretion in meetings

When scheduling a client call, employees will need a quiet space, and phone booths are designed just for that. With Joan, they can check the schedule when the booth is available, reserve it on the spot, and schedule a call knowing no one will interrupt them.

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Spaces that help re-charge

A typical workday in a leading business no longer consists of just work. So if you want to improve your employee experience, go the extra mile and offer spaces that promote health, mindfulness, and happiness.

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Fitness and Gym – foster healthy habits

If you have a gym or a larger space that can be transformed into a fitness area, doing so would benefit your employees’ overall health. Imagine your employees booking the gym for their morning yoga practice through Room booking while you track the capacity usage within the app analytics. With no middleman, employees can book equipment like a treadmill for their after-work run through Asset management, knowing it’s reserved specifically for them whenever they need it.

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Sleeping pods – offer power naps and increase productivity

To be productive, employees first need to be well rested. Unfortunately, in fast-paced environments, employees often burn the midnight oil and don’t get enough sleep. Incorporating sleeping pods that employees can book on the spot or remotely with Joan, allows them to take a power nap safely and comfortably.

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Meditation rooms – bring employee experience to a whole new level

Sometimes employees need to get away from not just the distractions in the office but also in their heads. With a magnet, place the Joan 6 on a wall of a space and turn it into a meditation room – an area that promotes mindfulness within the workforce and establishes a healthy company culture. And if your lobby is equipped with Joan 13, use the digital signage solution and let everyone know the directions to the new ‘sacred space.’

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Game rooms – reserve time and space for fun

While some need relaxation in the form of meditation, others need more fun. Game rooms are an excellent way to have team buildings incorporated within work. Team leaders can book the game room through Room booking and connect with the team through gaming, not just through designated tasks while Asset management solution ensures the gear is always available when needed.

Create a work environment that meets everyone’s needs

and leave the work of space management to Joan.