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You write it in your daily plans and hear it in every board meeting – optimization. If done right, it can significantly impact your business in terms of growth and profits. But as we primarily try to optimize how people work, we must remember to offer them the right tools and equipment to do their work. Make it clear who’s using each tool and for how long, and make the equipment reservation visible to everyone.

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Bring order into chaos

You’ve probably noticed that team members often need the same equipment simultaneously, which causes frustration among colleagues. As a result, they can’t do their work properly, their workflow is interrupted, and in some cases, it might bring delays along the line, mainly when the departments depend on each other to finish the project.

If you want to bring in order, introduce Joan into your workspace with asset booking and allow employees to book the equipment they need when they need it. No more ‘first come, first served.’ With Joan, team members can secure the equipment from wherever they are and organize their day accordingly, knowing they have all the tools needed to do their work once they get in the office.

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Manage your equipment the right way

When we say fair for all, we mean it. Usually, the office manager has to keep track of the inventory and condition of all office assets. But, with growth, imagine someone keeping track of it all in an excel spreadsheet. Trust us. You don’t want that.

Once your team starts using Joan to book whatever equipment they need directly, you will have an insight into which assets get secured more, who books them the most, and what equipment doesn’t get the usage you thought it would. In other words, you will finally see your asset’s actual value.

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Meet the needs of your employees

If the laptop chargers are getting booked all the time, it’s a sign to get more of them. And if the 3d printer is used most frequently by the design team, consider moving it closer to their workspace together with the Joan wireless device – easily install it on any wall surface and allow team members to book directly on the spot. Or they can secure the equipment remotely through the app, making the reservation process easy, frictionless, and fair for all.

From a free trial to a scalable solution that grows with you

Joan is a solution that matches your growth at any stage. Need to expand the booking system to desks or other resources? Joan does that for you. With one subscription, Joan enables countless booking options from equipment to desks to meeting rooms to parking spaces, anything you can imagine for a frictionless workplace experience. Start with the 30-day free trial and enjoy ROI from day one.

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Share, book, and optimize your equipment for your growing workplace.