Upgrade your workplace in a sustainable way

We only have one planet and choosing Joan can be your concrete step towards a greener future. How? By combining minimal power consumption, longevity, high-quality and recyclable device components.

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Let’s plant trees together

Trees provide clean air, purify water, capture CO2, produce food, and offer life-saving medicines. Shockingly, 42 million trees are cut down globally each day! Let’s join forces to reverse this trend. By buying Joan devices you plant trees.

We plant trees with treecelet.


User-friendly, environment-friendly

Joan devices not only improve your flexible workspace and are pleasing to the eye, but are also kind to the environment. They are made of the most recyclable and sustainable materials.


Made of non-polluting raw materials and via an energy-efficient process that doesn’t require a lot of water.


Melting doesn’t change its properties which means it’s infinitely recyclable.


You will receive your Joan packaged in fully recyclable cardboard box.


Built to consume less power

From device components to performance, Joan room schedulers have been developed in a sustainable way. More than 10 years of perfecting have resulted in a unique ultra-low-power architecture that allows low-power CPUs to run high-fidelity apps. The result is reduced power consumption by 100x compared to other solutions on the market, while still delivering the best user experience.

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Efficient performance

Powerful solution that needs almost no power

Did you know that Joan can run for a year on the power required to make a cup of coffee? It uses 99% less energy than LCD screens and is thus ideal solution for making your workplace more eco-friendly.


Minimal carbon footprint

Help reduce carbon emissions by choosing the most sustainable display devices on the market.

All circulating Joan room schedulers cause literally zero emissions in a year. It would take 20,000 trees to neutralize emissions if iPads were used instead of Joan.

We are choosing a greener future. What’s your choice?



Swear by the products that are designed to last

Sustainable consumption means choosing products that you can use for years. That’s why Joan is built to last at least 5 years and boasts a failure rate of only 0.63% – the lowest in the industry.

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It’s time to take concrete steps toward a greener future.

Start today. Start with Joan.