Office parking

“Office parking” entails the parking spaces that are allocated to one particular company. This value changes drastically depending on where the office is located. Offices based downtown typically have fewer parking stalls than offices based outside the city core. 

Many companies don’t have the budget for one parking space per employee. Therefore, they either run on a hierarchical or first-come-first-serve setup. In general, suburban offices have three to four parking stalls per 1000 square feet of office space. Typical downtown offices have two to three parking spaces per 1000 square feet.

With so few parking spaces, parking management can be problematic. Commuting to work is already one of the most stressful parts of an employee’s day — they don’t need the stress of parking availability to boot.

The importance of employee parking

Employee parking exists to help employees arrive at the office with minimal stress and anxiety. A rough commute can leave employees feeling tired and drained before even arriving at the office. Company parking available on an as-needed basis can help employees get a reprieve when they need one, improving the employee experience.

Other parking

Office parking is important when customers, stakeholders, partners, and other important personnel visit on-site. These visitors need to have the best experience possible. Driving around for an hour looking for parking doesn’t make the best office experience. Instead, offices should maintain visitor parking for important guests.

About Joan

Joan offers an all-around office management solution that covers everything from conference rooms to office parking. Through the Joan app, employees can check the availability of parking stalls and reserve one before even leaving the office. As a bonus, companies can configure rules and guidelines for who can reserve which parking stall. This way, there’ll always be one available for executives or important visitors.

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