Asset management software

Now that the world has moved to embrace desk booking and desk booking software, asset management was the next natural step. If desks can be booked, why not other company resources?

Asset management software are designed to support the reservations of company assets. Most asset management solutions cover a wide range of assets. For example, the Joan office management software offers limitless customizations for all assets in its catalog. Joan customers are adding everything to our reservation software from parking stalls to the company pet.

The benefits of asset management software include

  • Less wasted time. Rather than waiting for a resource to become available, employees can plan in advance and prebook the asset for when they need it.
  • Office transparency. Asset management software helps employees know which assets are available to them, encouraging them to use assets regularly and as intended.
  • Higher ROI. The better an asset is used, the higher the ROI. With employees knowing what assets are available and when they are available, the asset will be used well.

The best asset management software is one that covers all office resources. The Joan workspace management software began as a meeting room reservation software. The platform quickly expanded to include desks and now provides asset reservations in an all-in-one platform. Joan seamlessly integrates with existing in-house calendars, making setup and maintenance a breeze.