Parking management

When it comes to offices, parking management is the system or process that oversees office parking. There are many different models for managing office parking, including

  • Reserved parking stalls (often for executives)
  • A set number of parking passes
  • A free-for-all parking system

Parking management can be a sticky ordeal. Employees may drive to work, only to find all the parking stalls have been claimed. Or, with hybrid workspaces on the rise, reserved parking stalls may be empty more than they’re occupied.

It’s time to rethink the parking experience. Asset reservation software has the potential to iron out the parking experience, guaranteeing employees a parking stall before they arrive on-site and letting companies achieve the best ROI.

  • Refine the employee experience. With a parking reservation system, employees can book a parking spot before even leaving their houses. This booking guarantees they’ll have a parking stall when they arrive at the office.
  • Achieve a great ROI. With most employees working from home some of the time, parking stalls designated to one individual are underused and vacant some weekdays. Joan offers optional booking rules and restrictions. Meaning, companies can make these parking spots only available to executives working on-site or important visitors.

The Joan workplace management software is an all-in-one solution that covers all company assets from conference rooms to parking stalls. Rather than investing in a separate tool to manage parking reservations, try one that covers it all. Employees can check an asset’s availability and make reservations directly from the Joan app. Experience a day with Joan by checking out our article.

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