Asset reservation

Asset reservation within a company is the ability to reserve company-owned resources. 

Within the work environment, asset reservation involves the planning, acquiring, and monitoring of assets. The better the assets are managed, the better the ROI is on the investment.

The person in charge of office resources is usually the office manager, who is in charge of office operations and procedures including reviewing and approving company investments. Still, expensing office resources is one thing, making sure they’re used appropriately and regularly is another.

The more an investment helps the company, the better its ROI. For an asset to be most effective, it’s important to make sure all employees know the resources are available to them. Companies may send informative emails, informing employees about new investments, or implement asset reservation software that offers transparency to company resources.

Another roadblock is making sure assets are available when employees need them. If an asset is popular, the office manager will often invest in more than one of those assets. Additionally, adding reservation spreadsheets or software can help employees reserve a resource, making sure they get a turn with it before the day is through.
Joan offers an all-in-one workplace management solution that covers all company assets from meeting rooms to parking stalls. Employees can reserve assets directly from their mobile phones before even arriving at the office. All reservations are synced to the Joan cloud, keeping everyone up to date on asset availability.