Office hoteling

Office hoteling is a reservation-based type of office management. Rather than leaving workstations as free-for-all setups or only implementing desk hoteling, any workspace can be booked for one or more employees’ use.

Workspaces can include meeting rooms, flexible workplaces, desks, and more. Office reservations can be made by internal employees. Some offices may even choose to rent their spaces to external parties, capitalizing on their real estate by sharing it with companies that don’t have their own office space.

The benefits of office hoteling

More than just a fad, office hoteling has proven to

  • Improve the employee experience. Office hoteling helps guarantee that employees have the workspaces they need when they need them.
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork. With a reservation system, employees can reserve workstations alongside teammates, keeping teams connected.
  • Capitalize on space utilization. With bookable workstations, companies can get creative and make every bit of real estate matter.
  • Support an agile workspace. A reservation system keeps your agile office model running smoothly with minimal issues.

The Joan workplace management software covers all of your reservation needs including rooms, desks, and other resources. Any workspace can be added to the Joan software. Employees can book a meeting room, desk, or flexible workstation on-the-fly directly from the Joan mobile app. The platform syncs seamlessly with the in-house calendar in real-time, keeping everyone up to date with which workspaces are available and which are not.

What’s more, the Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro wireless displays help employees check each room’s availability at a glance. The e-paper displays are virtually wireless and can be mounted on any surface.

Make your workplace as efficient as possible with a top-of-the-line booking system that covers all of your office hoteling needs.

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