Desk hoteling

Desk hoteling is an organized version of hot desking. While hot desking operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, desk hoteling offers desk reservations. Desk hoteling is a solution for flexible workplaces that allow employees to choose where they work in the office each day. 

Flexible work models are known to support individuality and help employees work wherever and however they’ll be the most productive. Still, such levels of customizability need guidelines and the right infrastructure to work well.

For desk hoteling, how reservations are managed is up to each individual company. Some companies print out signup sheets, some use cloud-based spreadsheets. Some try to fudge their room booking solution, such as Office 360, to include individual desks. The results of any of these solutions aren’t pretty and create a disorderly workplace experience.

On the other hand, some companies employ a desk booking solution. Most of these solutions offer on-the-fly booking options, such as a mobile app that enables employees to reserve desks with a tap. The Joan desk booking solution fits into the office as smoothly as a puzzle piece. An all-in-one workplace management solution, Joan integrates seamlessly with the in-house calendar. The platform manages office reservations from conference rooms to parking stalls. Employees can book a desk for when they want and where they want before even arriving at the office, saving them time and energy and supporting a great employee experience.

Rather than adding one more software solution to your company’s repertoire, why not pick one that covers it all? With the Joan app, employees can reserve anything and everything they need.

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