Desk booking

Desk booking supports flexibility within the office, structuring desk sharing in an effective, efficient way. Employees can work where they’ll be the most productive with the resources they need. Some desks may have one extra monitor, some may have two. Some desks are standing desks, others are not. Some are in daylight, others are in dimmer areas. With the help of a simple app, employees can reserve the desk they need for a set timeframe. These periods of time can range from hours to days.

Desk booking is growing in popularity with the rise of hybrid work. Rather than investing in one designated desk per employee, companies can cut back on real estate, offering enough desk reservations for as many employees who will be working onsite any given day. The desks that are available are shared desks, used by more than one person throughout the week.

Your desk booking solution should sync seamlessly with your in-house calendars. What’s more, a desk booking app can make a huge difference. With an app, employees can reserve their workstations before arriving at the office, making their workplace experience as smooth as possible.

The best desk management solutions can be configured to restrict who can reserve certain desks. Such settings can help encourage teams to work side by side, making the most out of their in-office days. At Joan, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we strive to offer an all-in-one solution with limitless customizability.

The workplace of the future is fluid. For more information on how Joan can support your flexible workspace, check out our Desk Booking solution.