Visitor management

“Visitor management” includes any process that helps manage and oversee visitors coming and going from the office space. The setup usually includes visitor check-in and check-out procedures during which your receptionist or visitor management system collects and catalogs visitor information. Your visitor processing system might even include a questionnaire for visitors to fill out, such as a review of company policies and on-site protocols. To cover all of these steps and more, most companies are investing in visitor management systems.

There are multiple benefits to having a user management system, including

  • A great first impression. Automating the visitor check-in process can make a great first impression. Visitors can be more productive on site without waiting for front-end staff to file their paperwork. What’s more, the best visitor management systems reinforce your company branding, keeping your office looking sharp and professional at first glance.
  • Cut costs. A visitor management system can significantly cut back on front-end costs. The setup simply automates the front-desk paperwork, freeing employees to focus on things that matter. Front-end staff can make each visitor’s experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, without getting stuck on the desk work.
  • Enhance workplace security. There are a lot of factors when it comes to staying compliant with security certifications and guidelines. A visitor management system makes sure visitor data is filed to the same secure location every time. 
  • Less user error. By automating the visitor information-collection process, there’s little to no room for data errors. For example, when Steven checks in, your front-end staff don’t have to guess if his name is spelled with a “ph” or not.

In the past two years, Joan has expanded our office management system to include visitor management. With some of the highest safety ratings in the industry, you can rest easy knowing your visitor data is secure, reliable, and affordable. What’s more, Joan 13 is the perfect wireless display to use for office wayfinding. The 13” e-paper screen is clear and crisp, perfect for instructions or a floor map.