Digital visitor log

Redundant office tasks are being automated throughout the corporate world, and the visitor experience is no exception. Rather than recording all visitor information on paper, a digital visitor log stores visitor data virtually, making sure the information is secure, reliable, and complete. A digital log makes it easy for companies to look back and check who was on premise at specific times, days, and how often.

There are multiple reasons why companies should digitize their visitor log:

  • Capitalize on front-end staff. The main reason companies turn to automation is to help their staff be as productive as possible. By removing the tedious process of collecting visitor data, your front-end staff can focus on the visitor experience and building your company’s image.
  • Improve office security. Most companies need to match or exceed security compliance requirements to support their customers. Knowing exactly who entered your facility at what time is incredibly important. A digital logbook compiles the data reliably in one secure location that’s easy to sift through should any security issues arise.
  • Reduce user error. Digital log books leave clear trails for when visitors check in, their contact information, and any other data your company requires. Rather than receptionists struggling to decipher their predecessor’s handwriting, digital logbooks are straightforward and crystal clear, leaving little room for error.
  • Great visitor experience. Any visitor experience that starts with paperwork is an awkward one. Rather than building up a great visitor experience from the get-go, there’s a moment of awkward silence while your front-end staff have to collect and then file the paperwork.

More than just an office management system, Joan provides a reliable, secure, and user-friendly visitor management option. Our visitor solution is complete with in-house integration and secure digital visitor log. For more information, check out Joan Visitor.