Office wayfinding

Office wayfinding is the process of navigating from space to space. This journey covers every aspect of the office experience including parking at the office, getting to a desk, locating a meeting room, tracking down departments, visiting the lunchroom, and more.

Most offices take a casual approach to wayfinding: employees will memorize the work environment in time. This model neglects employee onboarding and falls short of supporting the workplace experience. After years in the office, most employees still can’t keep the meeting room names straight. Instead, they waste time ambling from room to room, trying to find their meeting.

Many offices focus on visitor management, leaving employees to fend for themselves. Visitor wayfinding includes signage, a receptionist, and a greeting committee. While impressive, visitors are few and far between. It’s important to support both your visitor and employee experiences in the workplace.

While wayfinding isn’t used for advertising or promoting, it still can enhance a company’s image. Sleek signage complete with company branding can not only improve the visitor experience but show off the company’s attention to detail and sense of class. On the other hand, digital signage with upcoming events, floor maps, or other wayfinding tidbits can improve the employee experience. Clear wayfinding helps employees be more efficient with their time in the office.

The Joan 13 e-paper display is a perfect modern wayfinding signage solution. The glare-free display is wireless, running for up to 12 months on a single charge. Companies can customize the on-screen content and can show off their brand in a classy, timeless way. For more wayfinding, check out the Joan app. The booking solution offers a map of the office, which can be accessed directly from any employee’s mobile device.

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