Visitor check-in

Visitor check-in is the process of recording when a visitor arrives to a space. Their check-in time, along with any other information, is then stored in a logbook. The logbook can be a physical logbook or a digital log book.

For companies, this check-in process is an essential part of their security protocols. Most security certifications, such as ISO compliances, require companies to closely monitor who enters and leaves the building.

Paper-based logbooks are not the most reliable option for documenting office visitors. Not only can paper copies get misfiled, but there’s a higher risk for user error. For example, when Stephen checks in at reception, he gives his name. Little does the receptionist know that “Stephen” is spelled with a “ph” and not the traditional “Steven.”

Not only does Joan offer a digital logbook, but also a visitor registration portal that is filled out by the visitor themselves. When Stephen arrives at the office, he scans a QR code with his mobile phone. The company’s Joan-based check-in portal appears, enabling Stephen to input his own name and contact information. Once he’s done, his information gets sent to a secure cloud-based digital log book.

Of course, to close out the check-in process, Joan offers check-out steps too. By way of a second QR code, visitors can check out as they leave the office. The process is as infallible as they come, accurately recording the day and time each particular visitor visited the office.