Conference room scheduler

A conference room scheduler is a system or platform that enhances meeting room management. The room scheduler overrides the first-come-first-serve mindset by allowing teams or individuals to reserve a room for a set period of time.

Conference rooms are where the big meetings happen. Quarterly meetings, client meetings, company announcements, and other important, largescale gatherings require enough space and the right technology for the participants to join.

Setting up such a large meeting can be a precarious process. First of all, the meeting host needs to make sure a conference room is available. Secondly, squatters and overrun meetings can really throw off a meeting’s agenda.

A good conference room scheduler syncs seamlessly with the company’s in-house calendars. Most conference room scheduler displays collect workplace analytics that help with workplace management and improving the office experience. The best conference room schedulers include a conference room display that shows each room’s agenda. This way, employees are aware of upcoming meetings in advance. This setup all but eliminates room squatters and overrun meetings.

The Joan meeting room booking system is a superior conference room scheduler complete with seamless integration, a wealth of analytics, and the best wireless displays on the market. While Joan is known for reliable, user-friendly solutions and great customer support, our digital displays are unparalleled, having won multiple world-renown design awards.

The devices are fully wireless, running up to a year on a single charge. Their low-power consumption paired with sustainable materials makes Joan e-paper displays some of the most sustainable solutions in the world.