Meeting room management

Meeting room management” is an umbrella term that covers everything to do with meeting room booking. The term encompasses the management of meeting rooms from the meeting room reservation to the digital signage outside the room.

“Meeting room management” can be attractive or unattractive, effective or ineffective, or reliable vs unreliable, depending on your setup. For example, some offices print out paper calendars daily, showing a room’s availability. On the other hand, some offices use digital meeting room displays that show the room’s availability in real-time. In this case, the wireless room display is by far the more attractive, effective, and reliable solution.

Luckily, meeting room management systems are more robust and effective than ever before. The right system can all but eliminate room squatters, overrun meetings, and meeting no-shows.

The best meeting room management solutions facilitate three steps of room booking:

  • Calendar synchronization. The system connects to existing infrastructure by syncing with the most popular calendar platforms — Google Workspace, Apple Calendar, Office 365, and others.
  • Share meeting information. Whether the employee is booking a room via the in-house calendar or directly from the meeting room’s wireless display, the booking syncs seamlessly throughout the office.
  • View insights for optimization. Analytics help offices understand room utilization. The data collected includes the length of meetings, meeting patterns, room popularity, and more, helping office optimize their meeting spaces.

With flexible workplaces on the rise, meeting room management systems are becoming must-haves for ironing out the employee experience. With the right data, paired with a seamless meeting room management system, companies are elevating the meeting room booking process to a whole new level.

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