Meeting room booking

Meeting room booking is the process of reserving a meeting room. Smaller companies may leave meeting rooms open as free-for-all spaces. However, once a company begins to grow, meeting spaces become hot commodities and are rarely available when they’re needed.

How a meeting room is booked varies from company to company. For example, some businesses simply use a paper signup sheet to mark a room’s availability. Others use in-house scheduling software to schedule and maintain room reservations.

The problem with in-house scheduling software is that the schedules are invisible unless you log into the scheduling platform. This closed-door approach begets room squatters, overrun meetings, and other roadblocks.

When it comes to meeting room reservations, it’s best to be as transparent as possible. The more employees know about a room’s schedule, the smoother the meeting room bookings will go. A wireless display showing the meeting room’s agenda can go a long way toward making sure the room is available when it’s needed.

The displays update in real time, making sure users always know if there’s an upcoming meeting. Even better, ad-hoc meetings can be booked on the spot directly from the touchscreen, minimizing overlapping meetings by taking the room off the market.

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