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Integrated Systems Europe 2020

Stop by one of our locations and meet the simplest meeting room booking solution.

Amsterdam, Netherlands |
11-14 February 2020 |
Hall 8 - E260

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Joan & Visionect

Hall 8 - E260


Hall 2 - B40
You can also find Joan partnered with Jabra (Hall 15 - C320)

Want to learn more about AV solutions for running meetings?

Joan is the backbone of the 21st-century modern office. Come stop by and see how it can elevate your workplace from day one.

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  • Experience a demo of our products
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Register for free entry.
Use our code 393583.

Meet Joan

The simplest meeting room booking solution

This is the first year Joan 6, Joan 13, and Joan on displays are tagging along to ISE. Test the solutions first-hand and enjoy the seamless experience they offer.

Joan 6

Book your meetings with ease

Joan 6 is an e-ink, touch-screen device, showing meeting room availability right at the door.
Untitled image

Joan 13

Gain control of your meeting spaces

Place Joan 13 in open spaces and lobbies for showing info on up to 9 meeting rooms.
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Joan on displays

Leverage your existing AV equipment

See which space is currently free, any upcoming meetings, their current status, and event your meeting room sitting capacity. All of the information on your own screens.
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Trusted by the best

Over 800,000 users in many Fortune 500 companies already use Joan daily.

Visionect outdoor

What Joan is for meetings, Visionect Outdoor is for the world

You'll find our devices at airports, bus stops, train stations, and anywhere else real-time information is needed.

Untitled image


Real-time bus arrivals, service notifications and site-specific information on a solar-powered, ready-to-use bus stop. Completely cordless, no additional infrastructure required.

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Place & Play

Long battery life and the advanced e-ink technology enable placing Visionect screens wherever they’re needed.

Untitled image

eMinor / Joan parking

Manage your parking spots - Joan connects to the existing company calendar to show real-time parking availability and reservations.

Visit our workshop at the Smart Building Conference

The workplace revolution you should have started yesterday
Presented by Lex de Grijs and Tilen Kegl

Learn why your workplace is lagging behind the technological changes and how you can transform your meeting rooms into a modern, productive, and enjoyable environment.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam |
10 February 2020 |
14:40 - 15:40

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