Secure Wall Mount 13-inch

An additional mounting option for your Joan devices. Discrete and minimalistic, for the perfect combination of quiet design and heightened safety. Compatible with Joan 13 devices.


149.00 Excluding tax

Safe & secure. Simple.

Prevent unauthorized removal without distracting from Joan’s seamless look and feel. Fix Joan into place with the 13-inch Secure Wall Mount, a steel VESA bracket offering an additional, more secure mounting option for the room booking solution.

The Secure Wall Mount continues the tradition of effortless Joan installation and can be attached to all surfaces, easily. Ideal for plaster walls or uneven surfaces.

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  • Custom-built desktop VESA bracket
  • Laser cut from a single piece of powder-coated steel


  • Compatible with Joan 13 devices
  • Seamless installation, with a locking bracket that fixes Joan into place and prevents unauthorized removal
  • Detailed instructions here.


  • 178 x 3 x 125 mm (7.01 x 0.12 x 4.92 in)


  • 412 g (14.53 oz.)

In the box

  • 1x Secure Wall Mount, 13-inch
  • 1x locking bracket
  • 5x assembly screws
  • 2x drywall anchor
  • 2x drywall anchor screw
  • 1x T10 security torx key
  • 1x Secure Wall Mount, 13-inch

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