“Custom content? Really? I can do that?” Sure you can. The feature is currently in beta, but you can already play around with it if you sign up for Joan Labs. In case the idea well at your office is running dry, you can borrow some of ours.

  1. Company info

Custom content really comes in handy when you’re organizing a meetup or conference for example. And in case you’re guests forget what they’re attending you can strategically place a Joan at the door to help them remember. Use it to display your event’s details and possibly sneak in a little company branding on the side.

  1. Welcome message

Speaking of events, it’s always polite to welcome your guests…

  1. Wayfinding

… and to show them where to go. Maybe use some arrows to point the way?

  1. Schedule

And once they arrive safely at their destination they’ll probably be excited to see that a schedule of the meetings, talks or workshops they came to attend is already laid out for them.

  1. Thank You messages

Once the food is gone, the throats are sore and the event is over, finish the evening in style by thanking everyone who participated and graced you with their lovely presence.

  1. Company achievements

But Joan’s custom content feature can be used for more than just events. Thank your sales team for a fantastic job done, give a shout out to your IT department or boost general morale by announcing reached milestones.

  1. Employee of the Month

Sometimes a single individual needs to be praised for their excellence, like Joan. Although not an actual individual, Joan puts in as many work hours as the next person, or… room booking scheduling system.

  1. Do not disturb

Turn Joan into a Do Not Disturb or Quiet Hours sign and let your staff enjoy their interruption-free time. Right until the moment when they realize Joan just got some more EoTM points by helping them out.

  1. Lunchtime

If your office is anything like our office, you probably turn your conference room into a break room during lunch. Newcomers will appreciate if you label it appropriately as well.

  1. Fun facts

And now for the fun part of this list: all of the silly things you can share with everyone in the office. Like interesting facts about life, the universe, and everything.



11. How about sharing some art.

12. Or team building pictures?

13. The weekly horoscope.

  1. Maybe some health tips before flu season?

  1. Oh, and jokes. Jokes never get old.

  1. Grandma’s recipes

Show your old folk some love. Try sharing grandma’s recipes and occasionally even some of her pearls of wisdom.

  1. Personal achievements

Apart from business achievements, maybe share some personal ones as well? It’s always nice to know when someone gets a baby, marries or comes back from sick leave.

  1. Decorations

Do you smell that? It’s the sweet scent of the holiday spirit. Make Joan part of your decorations. Display seasonal greetings or impressive digital ornaments.

  1. Birthdays

Joan is good at keeping track of anything important going on in the office. And what’s more important than an employee’s birthday? Change all of Joan’s interfaces simultaneously and let your colleague know it’s their special day! Happy birthday! Here are some more insurance claims to process.


20. Practical jokes

And lastly. You can use Joan for practical jokes. Thank you, thank you. You’re free to appreciate our genius. Schedule a haunting image to appear once in a while and stay on the lookout for any reactions (we tested it, it works as expected). If anyone asks you, you have no idea what they’re talking about.