30 - day money back

So you’ve been researching Joan for the past few days and now you’re pretty sure you want one. There’s only one thing left to do before you can order your new meeting room booking system. Convince the rest of your team.

When you decide to introduce Joan to your superior use this FAQ to find all of the answers to their possible questions.



What’s a Joan?

It’s an interactive device that displays a room’s schedule. Joan is easily attached to the meeting room door or the conference room wall. It can not only tell you whether the room is booked or not but also allows you to reserve your meetings directly from the device or from your company calendar.

Why do we need this?

Well, if your office has multiple meeting rooms and you’re looking for one that’s empty Joan can find it for you. And if a booked room is not being used Joan will automatically cancel the meeting and free your calendar. Plus the devices look cool. So cool in fact that they have received multiple design awards.

How does it work?

Connect Joan to your WiFi so that it can access your company calendar then pair each device with a room resource. Joan will display the schedule for the paired room.

Who’s gonna set this up?

Anyone can do it really. The devices come with an adhesive magnetic mount, meaning you can literally stick your Joan to the wall. As for the technical portion of it, the most time-consuming task is probably inserting your company’s data. The actual setup happens with just a couple of clicks.

What about battery life?

Joan is an e-paper device. Similar to an e-reader, but for calendars instead of books. When used daily the batteries for the 6-inch touchscreen devices usually last for up to 3 months. 13-inch Joans, on the other hand, can stay operational for up to 12 months on one charge.

Joan will send an email when it’s time for a recharge. Just take it off the magnetic mount, charge it overnight, and stick it back up in the morning.

Why do we need hosting?

Joan is a thin client device with almost no storage of its own. Instead, the information displayed on your devices is stored in two ways: in the cloud (on our servers) or on-premise (on your own dedicated server).

Which type of hosting is right for us?

Bigger companies often prefer on-premise hosting, but that requires some maintenance on their part to keep the devices up-to-date and running smoothly. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated IT team then hosting your devices in the cloud is probably a better option.

Can we customize our devices?

Yes. You can replace Joan’s logo with your own and select your interface language from the 19 already available. There’s also a new feature available that lets you use Joan’s screen to display custom text and pictures like welcome messages, company achievements, or even birthday wishes.

What’s our ROI for this?

Joan will gradually improve workplace ROI and meeting room utilization. With no extra wiring or renovation expenses required the only thing on your mind should be your next meeting. And an occasional overnight charge for Joan.

But are you really sure we need this?

A Joan can find a place in almost every office, in every industry, at any management level. Curious if Joan fits in your business as well? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to figure it out together.

So what exactly are we paying for?

All required hardware, software, unlimited updates, upgrades and a very dedicated support team, as well as a one-year Limited Warranty. By the way, a USB charging cable is hidden in a secret compartment of your Joan box. Try not to miss it.

Can we return it?

Absolutely. No questions asked. You have 30 days to test a device, risk-free. Joan is the team member you didn’t know you were missing and if our device doesn’t change the way you do meetings at your office, you’ll get your money back.


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