Wireless room scheduler

A wireless room scheduler is a powerful combination of a meeting room display and meeting room management software that syncs to your in-office calendar. This connection creates a synchronous relationship that enhances the workplace and employee experience.

Mismanaged meeting rooms can be a real-time waster. A lack of available meeting rooms, room squatters, overrun meetings, and no-shows can cause bottlenecks in the office. Often, an in-house online calendar system isn’t enough to manage the physical real estate of meeting rooms.

Wireless room schedulers can significantly improve the workplace experience. With an easy-to-read wireless display, employees can tell when a meeting room is available and when it’s reserved for another team. This setup all but eliminates room squatters, overrun meetings, and other bottlenecks that keep meetings from being as effective as possible.

The Joan meeting room schedulers are designed to match and exceed expectations. The e-paper displays are truly wireless, capable of running on battery power for months to a year at a time. Free of cords and cables, the display’s smart magnet can be mounted on any surface. What’s more, the devices sync with in-house calendars over Wi-Fi, showing each room’s availability in real-time.

Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro both have touchscreen capabilities, enabling users to reserve a room directly from the meeting room display. The e-ink display is glare-free and easy to read in a variety of settings. Learn more about how a wireless room display can transform your office in our article, Conference Room Displays: The best way to show a room is occupied.