Employee experience

The employee experience covers what an employee encounters and goes through during their tenure at a company. Every company invests in the customer experience, yet the employee experience is just as important. Happy employees perform their jobs well and are productive. Productive employees influence a company’s capacity to support their customers, making for a better customer experience.

While workplace management and workplace experience both influence the employee experience, there’s more to it. The employee experience includes everything from how management makes an employee feel to how satisfied they are with their compensation — neither of which can be easily influenced by the office manager. Yet, how the workplace is run greatly enhances the employee experience.

The office environment has the power to help or hinder employees, affecting their stress levels and how at ease they feel in their work environment. Employees who are stressed and uncomfortable struggle to be productive when working on site.

Great workplace management can transform the work environment from chaotic to harmonious. Companies need to be on top of roadblocks and anything that might negatively influence their employees. A company needs to have the right systems in place to support a great employee experience.

Wherever possible, automate. Employees thrive when they can access the tools they need when they need them. Joan offers an all-in-one office management system that covers all company assets from spare monitors to room bookings. The setup provides a level of transparency in the office that helps employees feel secure.

Joan wireless room displays add another level of transparency, letting employees know when a room is available and when it’s not. This clarity all but eliminates overrun meetings, no-shows, and room squatters, minimizing the time employees waste searching for an empty room.