Meeting room scheduler

Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes and include everything from huddle rooms, work pods, flexible workspaces, formal meeting rooms, and more. A meeting room scheduler guarantees that the right meeting room is available when employees need it. The system syncs to the in-house calendars and is easy to access by anyone. What’s more, a meeting room scheduler collects workplace analytics that help with office space management. The data collected supports meeting room management by showing which rooms are most popular, what time of days they’re used, which groups use them most, and more.

By syncing with the company’s calendar, employees can find out in real-time if a room is available or not. If not, they can reserve the room in the not-so-distant future. Aside from helping employees have a meeting room when they need one, a meeting room scheduler helps reserve a meeting room that fits their needs. For example, a meeting pod would be great for one-on-one collaboration, whereas a flexible workspace might better support brainstorming sessions. Making sure employees have access to the meeting space they need enhances the employee experience and bolsters overall productivity.

Joan offers a meeting room scheduler system that takes meeting room management to another level. In addition to a room booking platform that syncs seamlessly with your in-house calendars, electronic paper displays all but eliminate room squatters and overrun meetings. Each display is virtually wireless and can be mounted on any surface — no drilling or wiring required!