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Joan-up with any device.

If you’re not looking for a hardware solution, you can use Joan on your own device with our Premium plan.

Joan 6

$549 *Excluding VAT
+ 1 month PREMIUM plan for free

Joan 13

$899 *Excluding VAT
+ 1 month PREMIUM plan for free

Joan Home

$249 *Excluding VAT
+ 1 month Joan Home plan for free

Joan Desk Booking

$2.49 / month per user *Excluding VAT
$24 per year per user + 1 month for free

Joan on displays

$21 / month *Excluding VAT
$229* per year
Only with PREMIUM plan

Free 30-day Premium plan trial

Your first purchased devices receive a free 30-day access to all features.


Meet our plans.

Plans built to manage your workspace, no matter the company size or office layout.


Essentials needed to get you started.
$0 *Excluding VAT per month / per device - on premise hosting
$0 *Excluding VAT per year / per device - on premise hosting
Your first steps into better & more efficient office management.


Upgraded essentials for greater booking control.
$11 *Excluding VAT per month / per device - on premise or cloud hosting
$119 *Excluding VAT per year / per device - on premise or cloud hosting
On your way to office experience mastery with some advanced features.


Complete room booking management system.
$21 *Excluding VAT per month / per device - on premise or cloud hosting
$229 *Excluding VAT per year / per device - on premise or cloud hosting
Enjoy all of Joan's many features & a fully customizable experience.

Joan Home.

Book deep work sessions, and clearly show your daily schedule.
$4.99 *Excluding VAT per month / per device - cloud hosting
$59.88 *Excluding VAT per year / per device - cloud hosting
A device for your home office that connects to your calendar and keeps you focused on work.
For inquiries regarding enterprise pricing, please contact us at [email protected].


Plans determine features.

We left no stone unturned when explaining Joan’s features. You can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.

Included featuresBasic.Standard.Premium.
Finding & Scheduling
CALENDAR INTEGRATIONS Sync Joan with your existing calendars.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV
Google Apps   
Office 365   
REAL TIME BOOKING See if a room is booked or free, when is the next meeting, or even book a time slot from the spot.Available forJoan 6
Meet now Tap "meet now" to start an impromptu meeting in a free meeting room.Available forJoan 6    
Meet later Decide on a later meeting time right outside the meeting room.Available forJoan 6    
Check-in Check in on the Joan 6 when you arrive. Otherwise the room is freed for others to use.Available forJoan 6    
View timetable Press "Timetable" on your Joan 6 to display all upcoming meetings.Available forJoan 6    
Custom permissions Designate access to real-time booking.Available forJoan 6 GlobalGlobalBuildings & Device-level
STATUS BOARD See information regarding ongoing and upcoming meetings on your own device.Available forTV  
SCHEDULE BOARD Check if a single room is booked or free and see up to six following meetings.Available forJoan 13    
ROOM GRID See the availability of up to nine rooms on your Joan 13.Available forJoan 13   
CUSTOM CONTENT Show company information, welcome greetings, directions, or any other specific content.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
Office experience
CUSTOMIZATION Customize your Joan experience.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV
Set custom logo Replace Joan's default logo with your own.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
Send a warm welcome email Politely remind your guests that their meeting is coming up and send them a welcome email with useful information, making sure their visit to your office will be smooth sailing all the way.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
Create custom buttons Connect Joan to external services. Set up a button to order refreshments, ask for assistance, rate meetings or even help guests to connect to the office Wi-Fi.Available forJoan 6   
Set your preferred language Select your preferred language from the 19 supported. Including Klingon.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
PRESENCE DETECTION Enable intuitive check-ins. After walking into a free room Joan's status will automatically change to booked.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13
Magic meeting check-in Enable intuitive check-ins with the help of presence detection hardware. After walking into a free room Joan's status will automatically change to booked.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
Cisco Webex Room integration With Cisco Webex Teams integration, the status of the room changes to “booked” when you walk in.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
CHAT BOTS Use chat bots for reservation.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13
Slack Reserve your meeting rooms in Slack with Joanbot.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
Webex Reserve your meeting rooms in Cisco Webex Teams with Joanbot.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13   
MS Teams Reserve your meeting rooms in Miscrosoft Teams with Joanbot.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13   
JOAN VOICE ASSISTANT Use voice to reserve a free meeting room.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13
Amazon Alexa integration Take advantage of voice-activated meeting room reservations with Alexa.Available forJoan 6  
Office efficiency
CANCEL NO-SHOW MEETINGS Unattended meetings are automatically cancelled and the room is ready to be used again.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13    
ROOM USAGE ANALYSIS Receive weekly reports with useful insights into meeting room usage to your company's maintenance email address.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13   
OPERATING HOURS Set your office hours to save Joan’s battery. Outside of business hours, Joan enters power saving mode.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13    
LIVE CHAT WITH SUPPORT Receive help from our support team when you need it.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
DEDICATED SUPPORT AGENT Solve issues with one dedicated agent, ensuring easy, smooth, and effective communication.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    
PROACTIVE SUPPORT The dedicated agent is ready to go the extra mile for creating the best possible experience for you.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV   
MANAGE Manage settings of your Joan devices for the maximum office experience.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13
Global settings Select the settings that will apply to all of your Joan devices.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13    
Per device Select individual device settings.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
Per buildings Select the settings that will show up on all devices managed under a certain location.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
Room customization Select what amenities a certain room includes, set device locations, and capacity.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13  
MICROSOFT ACTIVE DIRECTORY INTEGRATION This integration enables automatic synchronization of users between your Microsoft Active Directory and Joan.Available forJoan Joan Desk Booking app  
FULLY MANAGED INFRASTRUCTURE Enjoy the benefit of simple, safe, and hassle-free hosting on our servers, while we will take care of your devices for you.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13   
OPEN INTEGRATION API Thanks to Joan's open API you can add our features to your applications, products, and services, and create your own smart office.Available forJoan 6 Joan 13 TV    


Frequently asked questions.

We know you are not afraid to ask, but here's a list anyway.

What happens after the 30-days of free Premium plan access? Does it get renewed automatically?

The Premium plan does not renew automatically. When you first sign-up to our Joan Portal, your credit card info is not required. During the test period, you will receive additional info on subscriptions and payment via email. Once your free period is up, you’ll need to decide on the plan you’d like to subscribe to.

Can I change plans at any time?

You can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. However, when upgrading we will charge you with the new subscription price and when downgrading your money won’t get repaid.

Can I have different subscription plans for my devices?

The subscription plan is the same for all devices you purchase (it is account based). However, it is billed per device. For example, you have decided to get three Joan 6 devices and two Joan 13 devices. All of them have to be on either Basic, Standard or Premium plan.

Why do I need a subscription?

Subscription is needed for enabling features and functionalities of your Joan. Subscription plans are decided per account which means that all of your devices will have the same subscription plan. However, feel free to change functionalities when needed (hot desking, real-time booking, team board overview, etc.).

Where can I change functionalities and customize?

Inside the Joan Portal, you will be able to customize the content, create custom buttons, change language and functionality.

Can I change between functionalities?

Yes, feel free to change between functionalities anytime (inside the Joan Portal). Just keep in mind that some of the functionalities work on Joan 6 while the others work on Joan 13.

Can I cancel my subscription?

The billing details are entered after the 30 days of the free Premium plan access when you will have to decide on your subscription plan. You can edit your billing details at any time, by logging into the Joan Portal and selecting Settings > Subscription and billing details.


We're always happy to help.

No worries, let us know about any concerns and we’ll make sure to clear them up.