Workplace management

Workplace management is the process and strategy a company puts into place to make the most of its office environment. The process reaches so much further than simply managing real estate. Workplace management includes aspects such as employee satisfaction, company culture, and overall morale too.

It’s usually up to the office manager to implement, maintain, and monitor how the office runs and influences its inhabitants. In doing so, they oversee the workplace experience, helping improve the work environment so employees are efficient and productive with their workdays.

Another element overseen by the office manager is the visitor experience. Processes such as visitor check-in, check-out, and the company image are vital elements of visitor management.

Office guests include clients, shareholders, interviewees, and more. All of these visitors are critical to the success and growth of the company. Meaning, they need to have a great on-site experience.

When done correctly, workplace management can help office managers stay on top of all the vital aspects of the office. Automation can go a long way toward supporting the office experience. The Joan office management solution is an all-inclusive platform that allows employees to book any shared company asset from meeting rooms to parking stalls. What’s more, Joan office analytics help office managers understand how employees interact with their work environment — which meeting rooms are the most popular, at what times, who uses them the most, and more. These statistics help companies decide which types of spaces to invest more in and which they should invest less in, further enhancing space management.