Joan 6 Pro Smart Magnet 1-pack

Redecorating or moving? Take Joan with you. 1 additional magnet pair for the Joan 6 Pro devices to help you install them in a new location.

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99.00 Excluding tax

No-hassle device management with a Smart Magnet

The easiest management of Joan 6 Pro with the new era adhesive magnets

Room-specific devices a thing of the past

The Smart magnet serves as a relay for room-specific information, readable by any Joan 6 Pro device on hand.

Zero installation costs

Attach Joan 6 Pro to any firm, even surface you want without laying cables or renovating.

The best possible stability

The Smart magnet option harnesses both 2.4 / 5 gHz Wi-Fi for the best possible stability.

Learn more about the Smart Magnet

From technical specifications to product details. Here’s everything you need to know about Joan 6 Pro Smart Magnet.


  • 92 × 3 × 125 mm (3.62 × 0.07 × 4.92 in)
  • The Smart magnet can be mounted at a maximum height of 2 meters.

In the box

  • 1x Smart magnet for Joan 6 Pro

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