Say goodbye to
interrupted meetings

Joan is the simplest meeting room booking system out there. Place it in front of your meeting rooms for showing their current availability status and any upcoming meetings.


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Meet Joan.

It delivers wayfinding and scheduling information for tackling the three modern office challenges. With Joan, you will:

Improve finding & scheduling.

Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office. Book and manage your office spaces with ease.

Elevate your office experience.

Joan takes your meeting culture to the next level, adopts your company logo, style, and language in no time.

Boost your office efficiency.

Joan detects and eliminates any unattended meetings, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time.


Joan Home

Magnetic mount
3-months battery life

Perfect for your home office: show your availability and daily schedule to make sure no one disrupts your meetings and deep work sessions.

Easy installationAttachable to any surface with a self-adhesive Magnetic Mount. No tools required.
Paper-like readabilityUltra low energy E Ink® touchscreen display with 16-level grayscale.
Front lightIntegrated LED lights assure all-day visibility.

Joan 6

6-inch (4:3)
3-months battery life

Perfect for managing meeting rooms: booking them on the spot, checking-in to meetings, and displaying availability.

Easy installationAttachable to any surface with a self-adhesive Magnetic Mount. No tools required.
Paper-like readabilityUltra low energy E Ink® touchscreen display with 16-level grayscale.
Front lightIntegrated LED lights assure all-day visibility.

Joan 13

13-inch (16:9)
Multiple-room overview
1-year battery life

Offers an overview of your office spaces: displays current meeting room status of up to 9 rooms.

Slick designHigh quality anodized aluminum casing. Anti-reflective, high transmittance glass.
Ultra low energy architectureWith the use of E-ink technology, only 1% of power is used by the screen.
Paper-like readabilityUltra low energy E Ink® Carta electronic paper screen with 16-level grayscale.

Joan on displays

Landscape or portrait (any size)
Multiple-room overview

Office overview on your TVs: display information on all of your meeting rooms and ongoing meetings.

Joan Home
Joan 6
Joan 13

30-day money-back guarantee

We are confident Joan will improve your scheduling and wayfinding around the office. Not satisfied with our solution? Return your device within 30 days and get a full refund.


Connect Joan to your
company's software stack.

Joan seamlessly pairs with your existing calendar without adding new tools to an already complex office environment.

And, with the help of our Joan chatbot, you can book and reserve meeting rooms directly from your favorite apps without disrupting your workflow.


I love the idea of Joan.

I love the idea of Joan. It’s something different, more professional, sharper looking. It is easy to install, plus people don’t want to walk up to another LCD.
Russ Wilcox Founder and former CEO of E Ink

It just works for us.

Before Joan we had no clear indicator of who was having a meeting and when. Now it’s all there on the display. Joan cleared up all those problems. It just works for us.
Russel Berman IT Manager, Virgin Management

An excellent solution.

Joan is an excellent solution for any company that's looking for transparent and effective assistance in organizing meetings.
Maja Koprivec Perjet Business secretary at GEN-I

Pretty straightforward.

Once I looked at your onboarding packet it was pretty straightforward.
Alissa Williams Executive Assistant at Thrive

We love both our Joans.

Yes, we love both our Joans. It’s completely changed how we manage our meeting rooms and I would say we would not be able to manage things effectively without them.
John Smyth Rubicoin


Trusted by the best.

Over 800,000 users in many Fortune 500 companies already use Joan daily.


The modern workplace.

A new era of workplace transformation is upon us. Rapid advancements in office technology enable dynamic working modes, increasing flexibility, collaboration, and connectivity.

More people are having more meetings.

With the number of meetings increasing, office space has become the second-biggest expense for organizations.
When meetings are badly planned and managed their effects are reflected in poor office workforce satisfaction and lack of productivity.
This is where Joan - the room scheduling solution comes into play. Simple to install, onboard & use.


Simplicity works.

We are dedicating our time to make better use of yours. Joan is designed to work straight from the box. No interruptions, no complications, no additional software.

Simple to install

Joan devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount. Completely wireless, without cables and installation costs.

Simple to use

Joan seamlessly integrates with your office calendar. No additional knowledge and skills are needed to use the device.

Advanced security

Advanced wifi encryption and our thin client device setup ensure that all our devices comply with the highest security standards.


Manage your meeting rooms with a Joan 6.

Joan 6 is a hassle-free, updated in real-time, and environmentally friendly alternative to your standard paper-and-pen solution.

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