Office experience.

Enhance your office experience by adopting a user-friendly meeting room booking system.


85% of people hate their office job due to the bad office experience.

Difficult onboarding.

Other solutions may force you to adopt apps and infrastructure not currently used. This creates longer adoption with lower success rates.

Generic solutions.

Without any customization, solutions cannot elevate your office experience and cannot perfectly cater to your organizational culture.

Lost focus.

Booking a meeting room requires attention and interruption of your current workflow. Ending in losing focus on more challenging tasks.



Let Joan in on your organizational culture. Showcase your logo, choose a preferred language, add action buttons, and politely remind your guests that their meeting is coming up.

They certainly look good with the color (or monochrome) scheme that we have gone within the new area.
Edd Thompson Joint Head of IT & Services at Besso

Presence Detection.

With Cisco Webex Teams integration, the status of the room changes to “booked” when you walk in.

Yes, we love both our Joans. It’s completely changed how we manage our meeting rooms and I would say we would not be able to manage things effectively without them.
John Smyth Rubicoin

Chat Bots.

Reserve a meeting room in Slack or Cisco Webex Teams with Joanbot.

Joan is an excellent solution for any company that’s looking for transparent and effective assistance in organizing meetings.
Maja Koprivec Perjet business secretary at GEN-I

Joan Voice Assistant.

“Alexa, please book a meeting room.”

Joan changed our meeting room planning by not changing it.
Olaf Dubbert QSS Manager at Lyreco Deutschland GmbH

Warm welcome.

Politely remind your guests that their meeting is coming up and send them a welcome email with useful information, making sure their visit to your office will be smooth sailing all the way.

The device is not just one more thing in the room or on a wall, it is also a good complement to the ambiance you want to achieve in that specific setting.
Isabela Simoes Administrative Assistant at Master Electronics


Want to meet better?

Joan 6 and Joan 13 are ready to get onboarded. Check which Joan fits perfectly into your workplace.