Office efficiency.

Joan helps you focus on the tasks that matter the most.


Take control of your time. Let Joan eliminate common office time wasters.

No-show meetings.

On average companies report over 250 no-show meetings per year, wasting their resources.


Employees and guests get lost finding the right meeting rooms. Resulting in interruptions and delays.

Unused rooms.

There’s always that one room everyone’s squatting in while all the other rooms are empty.


Cancel no-show meetings.

Unattended meetings are canceled automatically and the room is freed for others to use.

We chose Joan as it offered a good solution for boardroom management – taking away the hassle from our office manager.
Chris Bryan Head of UK Operations & Networks at

Room usage analysis.

Receive weekly insights about your conference room usage straight to your email box.

We have more insight into room utilization thanks to the backend report Joan provides.
Jamie McFarling Systems and Cloud Administrator at Bartlett & West

Operating hours.

Set your office hours to save Joan’s battery. Outside of business hours, Joan enters power saving mode.

Once I looked at your onboarding packet it was pretty straightforward.
Alissa Williams Executive Assistant at Thrive

Room schedule.

See the availability of up to nine rooms on your Joan 13.

Super products, more businesses need to know about them.
John Smyth Rubicoin


Want to meet better?

Joan 6 and Joan 13 are ready to get onboarded. Check which Joan fits perfectly into your workplace.