#1 Meeting Room
Scheduling System

A better way to manage your meeting rooms.


Display meeting room availability.


Walk up to the room and book it on the spot.


Understand how your meeting space is used.


Show your brand and welcome visitors with style.

JOAN works with your calendar.

Easy scheduling through your calendar or on the display itself.
Supports Google, Office 365, Exchange 2010+ (Outlook), iCal or CollegetNET 25Live calendars.

Calendar integration options

Check out JOAN Features

Reserve your meeting space and show the room schedule. →

Eliminate meeting room confusion.

See how. →

Check out JOAN Features

Reserve your meeting space and show the room schedule. →

Eliminate meeting room confusion.

See how. →

Cordless and wireless displays


The only wireless display out there. No drilling and no wiring. Hassle free.

“Zero wires takes all the hassle out of installation – JOAN just sits on your wall like magic.”
Tom Randle, Product Manager
@ Geckoboard
Easy to use room scheduling system


By far the easiest room booking system to setup, use and manage.

“JOAN is the simplest meeting room booking solution that I’ve come across.”
Rob Corrigill, CTO
@ TeleWare
Energy efficient reservation displays


Industry leader in energy efficiency & sustainable technologies.

“JOAN hits all the marks of sustainable office design and contributes to the power efficiency of the whole building.”
Matt Murray, Director of IT
@ Energy Foundation
Low price


Best value for money. And no hidden installation costs. 

"JOAN hits that sweet spot of being an easy to use device at a price point that makes management happy.”
Brian Arsenault, Engineer 
@ LabConnect

"Before JOAN we had no clear indicator of who was having a meeting and when. Now it’s all there, on the display. JOAN cleared up all those problems. It just works for us.”
Russell Berman

IT Manager, Virgin Management

Thousands of companies love JOAN

Our Global Family 

Reserving meeting spaces for

users worldwide

Managing meeting rooms in



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One billion meetings.

Our users have made JOAN the #1 meeting room scheduling solution by booking meeting after meeting and reaching 1 billion. We're happy we can be part of their business success and we're celebrating. Join in!
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JOAN is the most power-efficient meeting room system in existence. 99% more power.

Huge energy savings. Extreme battery life. The quiet elegance of electronic paper.

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