#1 Meeting Room

Scheduling System

#1 Meeting Room

Scheduling System

Say goodbye to room booking headaches.

Put a stop to stolen meeting rooms, double bookings, unattended meetings and late starts. Work better with Joan. Your fastest shortcut to a smarter office.

A better way to manage your meeting rooms.


Display meeting room availability.


Walk up to the room and book it on the spot.


Understand how your meeting space is used.


Show your brand and welcome visitors with style.


Works with your existing Wi-Fi and your calendar.


Easy scheduling through your calendar or on the display itself.
Supports Google, Office 365, Exchange 2010+ (Outlook), iCal or CollegetNET 25Live calendars.

Calendar integration options

Joan Manager

Transparent schedules and instant room reservation, right at the meeting room door.  For seamless meetings.


+ Different hosting options.

Joan Executive

Joan with a little extra oomph.  Advanced Wi-Fi security and insight into the nitty-gritty of meeting room use.


+ Different hosting options.

Joan Universal

Best of Joan in a pay-as-you-go service.  Monthly subscription to help you work smarter and get the most of your rooms.


+ 19.95 EUR/month subscription fee.

"Before Joan we had no clear indicator of who was having a meeting and when. Now it’s all there, on the display. Joan cleared up all those problems. It just works for us.”

Russell Berman
IT Manager, Virgin Management

The power of sustainable. In your office.

Joan is the most energy-efficient meeting room system in existence. Energy savings for an extreme battery life. And a more sustainable office. Who said it wasn't easy being green?