Joan vs. appspace

Choose the solution that elevates your workplace

Finding the perfect solution for a hybrid workspace is tricky. Are you looking for a more focused workplace system like Joan or a jack-of-all-trades like Appspace? Let’s find out which software will have more of an impact on your employees and visitors.


Joan is an all-in-one workplace management system that streamlines room management, desk booking, and visitor registration. It eliminates complexity and friction in the flexible workspace and improves employees’ experience.

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Appspace is a software platform that combines digital signage, employee communication, and space utilization analytics. The software helps organizations create an efficient work environment that drives collaboration.

Comparing Joan and Appspace

We have created a list of solutions and features that clearly demonstrate the advantages of each platform.

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Room booking

Simple room booking options that update in real-time.

Localized Interface

User interface is available in multiple local languages.



Custom branding

Customizable branding that promotes the company’s image.

Runs on any tablet

A scheduling platform that’s compatible with any tablet.

Reserve on spot

Reserve available rooms on-the-spot from the display or app.

Connect to calendars

Seamlessly synchronizes with in-house calendars.

Room amenities info

Configurable room information regarding room amenities: monitors, speakers, microphones, etc.

Abandoned meeting protection

A feature that marks a room as available for no-shows and “ghosted” meetings.

Advanced analytics

Analytics to show a room’s performance, usage, and other statistics.

Room finder

Select the type of room you need and see what is available.

Pricing per month starts at

$5.99 / device

$38 / device & user

Proprietary device

Meeting room displays that show room availability and support on-the-spot reservations.

Battery powered

Battery-powered displays that don’t require a continuous power supply.

Single-charge battery life

Devices that last months to a year before needing to be recharged.

up to 12 months

Wireless mount

Wireless wall mount that doesn’t require any installation costs.


Sustainable, ultra-low-power e-paper room booking displays.

PoE dock / adapter

Optional POE doc for wired internet connection and a power source.

Desk booking

Frictionless desk booking that supports on-the-fly reservations.

Equipment / Asset reservation

Make any company asset reservable through the scheduling software.

Parking space reservation

Support for parking space reservations and other transportation amenities.

Predefined timeslots

Desks can be reserved only at times that are specified by the office admin.


Abandoned desk reservation protection

The desk is automatically released if the user doesn’t check in.

Health screening

Optional health screening questionnaire for employees and visitors.

Custom amenities

Reserve a desk that has extra amenities.

Custom floor plan

Fully-customizable floor plans to support wayfinding and reservations.

Reservation reminders

Reliable reminders regarding upcoming reservations.

Export analytics data

Ability to export data regarding scheduling and usage analytics.

Reservation rules for individuals, teams, and departments

Configurable rules, groupings, and parameters for each desk.

Check peers presence

Overview of who will be in the office during the work-week.

Easy map booking

Desk booking is available via the customizable in-app floor plan.

In-app analytics

Usage and booking analytics for the solution’s app.

Digital wayfinding

In-app wayfinding that shows rooms, desks, and additional information.

Active Directory

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for secure, simplified access to applications and systems.

Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin

Pricing per month starts at

$2.49 / user

$3 / unique users

Visitor management

Capacity for visitor check-in and check-out.

Arrival notifications

Automatically sends notifications to specific individuals when guests arrive.

Guest pre-registration

Guests can pre-register online before even arriving at the office.

Real-time visitor log

Can collect analytics that supports contact tracing within the office.

Touchless QR code check-in

A contactless visitor check-in experience via a QR code.

Pre-check-in questionnaires

Optional questionnaires and health screening for visitors.

Bulk visitor registration

Invite multiple visitors at once by importing a CSV list.


Recurring visits

Create a recurring invite for everyone that visits you regularly.

Customizable visitor badges

Customize the badge design and choose specific fields to include in the printed version.

Check-out visitors

Several visitor check-out options.

Calendar integration

Invite visitors seamlessly through the calendar you use daily (Google, Office365, Exchange…)

Assign a desk to a visitor

Allocate specific workspaces to visitors.

In-App Analytics with visitor data export

Gain valuable insights and export visitor data for analysis and reporting.

Customizable branding

Display your custom message or your company’s logo.

NDAs & Document Signing

Set up different documents that a visitor needs to read and sign before entering the site.

Multi-location management

Manage visitor management across multiple locations with pay-per-location options.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and employee directories

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for easy access and user management.

Pricing per month starts at

1 month Free Trial

$109 / location

$3 / unique users

3rd party integrations

Support for third-party integrations to further customize the booking experience.



Single sign-on

Single-sign-on authentication to enhance security.


Developers can develop third-party apps to extend the solution’s capabilities.

Mobile app

A native mobile app that supports office scheduling and wayfinding.

Joan: More than the exceptional design

Joan’s combination of intuitive software and proprietary ePaper displays makes it ideal for any office that wants to elevate the workplace experience for both employees and visitors. While Appspace is a capable platform, it can’t manage company assets and impact the office space the way Joan does.

  • We wanted to make a platform where everybody could come in and see if there’s a room open that they can schedule and work out of
  • I can just press ‘Occupied’ and Google Calendar gets synced and everybody’s happy because then you know, okay, this space is occupied.
  • Deploying Joan Desk Booking App allowed us to optimize our office space and gather statistics. We love how easy it is to add floors and buildings.
  • Without Joan, we would need to employ someone to manage meeting rooms and help with wayfinding.
  • Joan Desk Booking solution doesn’t even have a learning curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best alternative to the Appspace workplace platform?

The best alternative to Appspace is Joan.

Joan offers a comprehensive workplace management solution that includes meeting room booking, desk booking, visitor management, and asset reservation.

It provides proprietary ePaper displays with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to manage room reservations and enhancing the overall workplace experience.

While Appspace offers a wider spectrum of features (e.g. communication), Joan is a better solution for the workplace management areas mentioned above.

If you’re looking for an immediate improvement in scheduling and office processes, Joan is definitely the right choice.

The workplace of the future is fluid.

Design your own and make the most out of it with a new management system — for you, your employees, and your business.