Joan Premium Onboarding

Although Joan is very simple and straightforward to onboard, some customers prefer us to go through this process for them. Why? To give them the opportunity to focus on more important things – like making the most out of their work time at the office. When choosing our Joan Premium Onboarding service, you get exactly that – a friendly and dedicated technical support expert who will guide you through the 4-step onboarding process and minimize the time and effort you and your team would otherwise spend on integrating Joan into your office environment. This service comes at a fixed price, regardless of how many devices you purchased or which models you chose.     


250.00 Excluding tax

Deploying Joan is simple, but most of us are busy with no time to spare. Getting additional help from our onboarding professionals can make this process even faster. Allow us to help you set up your new devices in your office. Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our support team and we will guide you through the process.

Why choose Joan?

Check out all the product details. See the value it brings through its seamless design and product specs.

Benefits of choosing Premium onboarding

  • A 1:1 session with our friendly technical support lead makes the whole process seamless and completely frictionless.
  • We take care of the onboarding for all of the devices you purchased.
  • We answer any remaining questions you and your team might have.
  • You can get on with your workday undisturbed and focus on enjoying the benefits of your new Joan even faster.