For every new Joan customer you refer,
We give you 500€ in cash.

Instead of giving money to the advertisers, we would rather give it to you.
If you think Joan simplifies your life, why not tell a friend and get 500€ in cash?


Read the rules here.

How to get 500€?


Let us know
who are you referring!

Let us know who and from which company you will be referring Joan to.


Tell your friends about Joan products!

Message your friends and tell them how Joan completely changed your life for the better 🙂


Get 500€ if your referee becomes a customer!

Condition: Your referee must become a customer within 60 days of your referral.

Referee noted!

We have included your friend in our database of referees.
Now you can start messaging them about Joan.
Or you can refer another friend.


Refer a friend

First, let us know which friend you want to refer Joan to. Then let them know about it through any communication channel you like.
* We won’t be sending them any emails.

    We will not email them!
    So we know who to send the reward to 😉

    Referral FAQ

    How are the rewards structured?

    For every company you successfully refer to a paid plan, you’ll earn 500€ equivalent in your local currency. It’s that simple!

    How do I claim my reward?

    We’ll send you an email notifying you of a successful referral. Then we’ll work together to get the money to you through your preferred method (PayPal, wire transfer, …)

    Can I refer an existing account?

    No, referrals will only work for new companies. The ones we have in our HubSpot or who have reached out to our sales department in the past will not be considered.

    How many people can I refer?

    There’s no limit to how many people you can refer (the more, the merrier 🤝). Keep in mind that we only count companies as final referrers.

    Is there any time limit on referrals?

    Yes, the referred company needs to become a paying customer within 60 days of the initial referral.

    What is a successful referral?

    If a person you refer becomes our paying customer within 60 days of the referral. They become a customer by buying at least two Joan solutions and become a subscriber.


    Start referring and earn 500€!