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Coffee machine
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Book desks and integrate safety measures in your office.
Meeting room
Display, simplify, and automate meeting room bookings.
Parking space
Create a fair schedule for your office parking spaces.
Sport court
Manage sports assets like fields, tracks, equipment, and more.
Coffee machine
Better utilize your office equipment.
Anything else
Create your own scenarios for using Joan at work or at home.
Don’t be left without a desk again … or without a coffee
Meeting rooms, conference spaces, huddle spaces, phone booths, quiet rooms, nursing rooms, sleeping pods, fitness centers, and even the court for your tennis session.
Projectors, displays, flipcharts, games consoles, table tennis, table football, cameras, and coffee machines.
Coffee mugs, showers, seats on the company bus, and even office pets that need walking. You name it!
How does it work?
Define the asset you want to make bookable, upload it to the app, invite team members, then start sharing and booking. All in a matter of minutes!
What our customers say
I don’t have to work with sheets of paper and I know I can count on it. The system is very reliable, simple to use, it’s connected to wi-fi, small, and recharges fast.
Femke Veen,
Community manager at The Hague Tech.
I love the idea of Joan. It’s something different, more professional, sharper looking. It is easy to install, plus people don’t want to walk up to another LCD.
Russ Wilcox,
founder and former CEO of E Ink
Before Joan, we had no clear indicator of who was having a meeting and when. Now it’s all there on the display. Joan cleared up all those problems. It just works for us.
member since August 2018
Yes, we love both our Joans. It’s completely changed how we manage our meeting rooms and I would say we would not be able to manage things effectively without them. Super products, more businesses need to know about it!’
John Smyth,
Once I looked at your onboarding packet it was pretty straightforward.
Alissa Williams,
Executive Assistant
at Thrive
We use Joan in the engineering office and people there are smart but they like Joan because it’s really simple to use. Joan easily integrated with us and I haven’t heard any complaints from 40 people that are using it.
Duncan Robertson,
Business Communications & Marketing
at Tamarack Grove Engineering
Joan is trusted by the best
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