If you’re reading this, you’ve probably met Joan.

Besides inquiring why you need a booking system and the advantages it brings, you might have explored further about how safe, user-friendly and power efficient it is. There’s a good chance you’ve also heard that Joan is multilingual, helps with room naming, and comes with a comprehensive customer support package.

Now, for all of you who have entrusted Joan with your meetings and for those who are about to, here’s a quick recap of how the scheduling process works.

Joan + digital calendar = an optimal combination for booking meetings

Sure, scheduling and managing meetings can be done online, but that doesn’t relieve your office spaces nor your work of unnecessary interruptions. Overbookings still occur and vacant rooms go unused. By connecting Joan with your existing calendar everyone knows exactly where they should or shouldn’t be at any given time.

Wondering if you have the right calendar to go with your Joan device? Don’t. Whether you’re using Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, iCalendar, or a third-party scheduling app, rest assured – Joan supports them all.

supported calendars for booking meeting rooms

Book a meeting from your calendar

I’m booking that room now or later and from wherever

Joan blends seamlessly with your office environment, allowing you to book any Joan-designated area or check its availability on the spot – now or later

What if you don’t want to break away from your work by leaving your desk or you’re not even in the building yet? Not a problem. You can always book, cancel or check up on your meetings from wherever you are with the Joan mobile app.   

Another very smart way of streamlining the process of booking and managing meetings is by harnessing the power of Joan and Alexa for Business. Every employee at your office is now one integration away from being part of a voice-activated room management ecosystem.

booking room for meetings with Alexa

Ask Alexa to book a room

Joan bridges the virtual-physical divide

You don’t have to go out of your way to check your calendar. Instead of interrupting your workflow simply book a room in Slack via the Joanbot.

As every virtual meeting still demands a physical space, by combining Joan with Cisco Webex Teams you can book a room instantly. Chat with Joanbot to find out what’s available.

Then there’s the Cisco Webex Room Kit. When integrated with Joan, this brilliant service will check you into a meeting by means of presence detection. Could anything possibly be more convenient?


screen shot of booking meeetings with Joan in Cisco Webex Teams

Chat to Joan in Cisco Webex Teams

If you’ve read this post, you’ll know that there’s not an office space that can’t be booked, monitored or vacated through a number of channels with a single common denominator. Joan.