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Joanbot: book your meeting rooms via Slack

Thanks to the fact that Slack is awesome, everybody (not just geeks) is using it these days. This is why it made perfect sense to build our own Joanbot and enable everyone to find and book available meeting rooms via Slack. And yes, we really mean everyone, not just those lucky companies that already have JOAN in their offices.

Simply send a DM to @joan-bot and type in “Find me a room,” “Get me a room,” “free room” or something similar and behold a list of free meeting spaces.
Send a DM to @joan-bot and ask for a free room. JOAN will then give you a list of the spaces available.

Invite Joan to your Slack channel!
Enter your details and get instructions delivered to your mailbox.
(There are only 3 simple steps.)

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Joanbot is free to anyone. No strings attached. No purchase required.

Joan’s Slack integration is currently in beta. Thanks to our passionate users we already have a list of new functionalities to add and cannot wait to share them with you. Soon you’ll be able to find a meeting time slot that fits into your and your colleagues’ timetables, order coffee for your meeting, and more and more.
This is just the beginning. Joanbot is not in the Slack app directory yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using it now and start managing your meeting rooms better.

Want to see JOAN in action? Watch the video.