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Joan Executive

Corporate. Experience.

Meeting room management for forward-thinking enterprise clients with highest security policies.

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joan meeting room assistant manager executive meeting room scheduling solution conference room display

Joan Manager

Interactive. Display.

Book meeting rooms via calendar or on the spot. Gather insights on your space utilization. Improve the way you work.

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Joan Assistant

Effortless. Non-touch.

Meeting information where you need it. At the meeting room door.

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A spectacular overview of your office. At a glance.

When the dynamic way of work meets a superior visitor experience.

A stunning, high-end display showing meeting room availability across your company.
So you and your visitors immediately know where to go for your next meeting or which room to book.

The future of meeting room management is here.


Only an exclusive quantity available in 2017!

Joan 9.7

Meetings. In detail.

A larger non-touch display for meeting room management. Book from any device or centrally.

BUY FOR $999
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Joan software and premium support are free for every company, big or small.

Compare the non-touch Joan Assistant and the two touch options, Joan Manager and Joan Executive (also with WPA2-EAP encryption)
Joan Magnetic Mount

Additional Magnetic Mount 5-Pack

To move Joan with ease when changing the office.



How is Joan charged?

Joan charges via the enclosed Micro USB cable. If you wish to charge Joan with a charger instead, it should be a certified Micro USB charger with an input rating of 5 V, 1A max.


How is Joan attached to the door or wall?

Joan can be attached to any surface with a cableless, self-adhesive magnetic mount. The device requires no brackets.


What does ‘in the cloud’ hosting mean?

It means that the Joan devices connect to your calendar by running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, supported by the Visionect Server.


What does ‘on-premises’ hosting mean?

It means that Joan devices run on your own, on-premises server infrastructure. There’s no monthly fee. The server setup and maintenance falls to you.


What is the cost of hosting?

On-premise hosting is free, whereas in-the-cloud hosting involves a monthly fee of 4.99€ per device.


Where can I log in to see my Joan devices?

You can access the Joan Portal to oversee all of your devices and settings at

Does the quality of the Wi-Fi signal affect Joan’s performance?

The quality of your wireless network critically influences all aspects of Joan’s performance. If your Wi-Fi connection is not stable, this will affect Joan’s interaction speed, battery life, system stability and more.


What are Joan’s connectivity features?

Joan Assistant and Joan Manager connect via the Wi­-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz only) standard, with a WPA2-PSK encryption. Joan Executive offers WPA2 Enterprise encryption.


Why does Joan need a server? Does it store any data?

Every Joan device needs to connect to a server that provides configuration for devices and connection to various calendar APIs. Joan then fetches all data directly from the calendar provider, so no data is stored on our servers.


Is language support available for other languages?

Yes. We currently offer an interface in 20+ languages (English /American and British/, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Klingon, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, …).